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Ding, dong — the witch is dead! The obvious highlight of Power Episode 305, “Help Me,” was when Holly met her unfortunate end. (Have we ever been so happy to see someone die?) She tried to take Ghost with her on her way out, but the man has nine lives.

The show was also full of reconciliations, between Ghost and Tariq, Ghost and Angela and Ghost and Tommy, which was really just a matter of time. Here, the REVOLT Power recap crew takes you through the highlights that have us feeling ~a way.~

So let me start by cyber twerking in honor of Holly’s death.

That was probably the meanest thing I’ve ever written but I was sick and tired of her and it was time for her to go. She constantly used Lobos as her motive to kill Ghost, when in reality I don’t think she ever forgave him for trying to send her away, and it all came out moments before she took her last breath. Although I wasn’t surprised that Holly was killed I was surprised that it was at the hands of Tommy. While everyone hated Holly and saw her for who she really was, Tommy adored her. Tommy did kill her in order to protect Ghost, but I still don’t think he realizes what he’s actually done. I see a mental and emotional breakdown in the cards for Tommy, sooner than later, which won’t go so well being that his focus should be strictly on killing Lobos. Tommy’s emotions have always affected his decisions, but it’s time he gets them in check, because if he doesn’t it can cost him his life. —Amber Mackie

That moment when Ghost’s life flashed before his eyes.

Even though we know the show is so uber-popular it got renewed for two more seasons, it still looked like it was a wrap for Ghost when he stepped out of his car and the Jamaicans pulled out the big guns. But I loved how his first reaction was to look back at his son. Though his life was seemingly about to end, his instinct was to worry about Tariq. Just when it looked like Ghost had accepted his fate, he was saved of course, but it was a redeeming, if terrifying, moment. —Driadonna Roland

That moment when Kanan returned.

How’d Kanan end up in Dre’s apartment… and he threatened to throw the baby out the window. He’s sick as hell! Dre better not turn on Ghost; it will end badly for him. —Cherisse McKenzie

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