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  /  06.24.2016

Wiz Khalifa visited The Breakfast Club Friday morning (June 24) and despite a plethora of new music out, including February’s Khalifa and the recently released Rude Awakening with Juicy J and TM88, the Pittsburgh rapper spoke about Amber Rose. A lot. Granted, Charlamange Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee asked him a lot of questions about his ex-wife. Still, Wiz was jovial and carried a breezy conversation where he talked about his tunes and his babymother.

Check out some highlights and watch the full interview below.

On His Twitter Back-And-Forth With Kanye And Their Status

I don’t feel like I really went at him. Nah, I didn’t go at him. That was his bad.

[I spoke to him] on the phone. He apologized. I wouldn’t necessarily say it was squashed, though. When you see him talk about it, it doesn’t add up to what he said to me on the phone. So I just don’t even….

The Story Behind “See You Again,” Which Originally Featured Three Other Rappers

The crazy thing about movie songs is you never know how it’s gonna end up. You never know what the final product is gonna be. It’s not like when I write one of my own songs: I write the verse, I write the hook, I’ll sequence it and that’s it. But with a movie song, they kind of give you a lot of direction: write one verse, write a pre-hook, keep this here and change that. We might add this person, we might add that person. So there were three other people on the song before it was done. Swear to goodness, like three big names. I don’t even wanna say who they are, because that’s my song, nigga. They kicked them off. There was three verses. Done. That’s how movie songs work. Awe, them niggas is hot!

How He And Amber Rose Decided To Celebrate Their Divorce

We weren’t really celebrating our divorce in the club together. I just had to boss up. It took a lot of me just knowing myself, being myself and reacting to the situation how I would. As soon as I started doing that things started working out in my favor. That’s my baby’s mom, that was my wife. A lot of people if they just break up with their girlfriend they’re beefing. That’s all we know as a guy, like, F–k that b—h, like immediately. Anybody would do that, whether you’re a rapper or in high school. That’s what you do when you go through a breakup. It was just different for us because people were looking at us on TV. But the moment I realized, Dude, just be you. React to if how you would. You’re a cool dude and don’t worry about it. And that’s when I started realizing the love that was still there. That’s all we focused on.


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