Maxwell, “1990x”

It’s been seven long years since Maxwell dropped BLACKsummers’night, the first in a promised trilogy. We remained mostly impatient, but he stayed true to his word and now we’ve (finally) entered the second season with “1990x,” a track off upcoming installment blackSUMMERS’night (due July 1). On the song, which uses a blend of wobbly plucks, banging drums, and celestial strings, Max doesn’t stray from what he does best: tease listeners with a sparingly, but smartly used falsetto. You can hear it on the chorus: “Lay here closely beside me/ Feel my heart as it’s pounded/ We will climax with reason/ Cause we’re grown and we own it.” If those words don’t get the point across, look no further than the, uh, rocketship launching into the sky in the lyric video for confirmation.— Danielle Cheesman

Lion Babe, “Endless Summer”

I’m lounging here in a reclining sunchair with a margarita in hand, Ray-Bans on my face, and the sun-beaming beach in front of me while listening to Lion Babe’s latest single “Endless Summer.” Actually, not really. I’m sitting at my desk in REVOLT’s New York office, but that doesn’t mean the duo’s song doesn’t transport me into a summer-filled moment. It’s the first single from their free, 11-track mixtape Sun Joint, due June 21.— Erin Ashley Simon

Maggie Rogers, “Alaska”

You’ve likely seen Maggie Rogers’ name pop up on the internet recently. Buzz around the Maryland native’s music grew after a viral video of Pharrell reacting to this very song landed online. And for good reason: she’s bringing a new folk-dance blend to the scene. In the video clip, Rogers shared that she grew up playing the banjo, but started mixing the two genres after studying abroad in France. Lucky for us, we can all hear the mastered version of her infectious song “Alaska” on Soundcloud now, where it’s reached over 300K plays in just two days. Clearly, this gal knows what she’s doing. Keep the tracks coming, Maggie!— Sabina Palmieri

Calliop3 Whyt3, “Rockstar” Feat. Young Jermaine

You’ll be living like a rockstar after listening to Calliop3 Whyt3 and Young Jermaine’s latest song. It came through our submissions email and instantly grabbed us with the hook. The production is solid, catchy and perfect for summer. I’m imagining that the video will feature the two artists chilling at a party in a big mansion, with beautiful women all around, a pool and, well, simply living the life of a rockstar. Got ahead of myself? Sorry, can’t help it. You’ll get hooked too once you listen.— E.A.S.