Starstruck: Beyoncé, Iconic Fashion Maven?

  /  06.08.2016

Earlier this week Beyoncé delivered a touching speech on her love for fashion and its roots in her family during the CFDA Awards in New York. While many of us can agree that Beyoncé is an icon, we can’t say her fashion sense is iconic. Before we get stung, allow us to explain.

In this internet age we don’t just forget all the moments you’ve missed the mark. Beyoncé had become noticeably more experimental with her everyday style and red carpet wardrobe choices and for that we give her a yaaasss bih.

But she certainly isn’t everyone’s go-to star for style tips.

From the shaky success of House of Déron to redemption through Ivy Park, however, Beyoncé has transformed her brand throughout the years. As an entrepreneurial artist she’s always shown progression. We can confidently say her individuality and sexiness both are more apparent in her look today.

Now, let’s take a look at some of Beyonce’s fashion moments over the years, from the good to bad to bootylicious.


Kamylle Edwards

During this era, flowing asymmetrical skirts were a popular trend. However, sometimes these trends aren’t that flattering, depending on the execution. Beyoncé was clearly following other images of divas in times past as she began to incorporate glitter and sequins into her wardrobe. In all three examples above, the silhouette and fabric selections are off color. Although the bodice of Beyoncé’s all-purple dress is very becoming, we could see her redoing her selections if given the chance.


Kamylle Edwards

In 2003 Beyoncé made a few statements that would be talked about until this present day. First, that she is in a relationship with her husband, Jay Z, and, second, Manolo Blanik Timbs. At the time Bey truly showed how her endorsements could sell-out an item. Recently we’ve seen a resurgence of this boot style from Zigi shoes, which you may have seen her in as well. Next, when hitting the stage with Prince one must show up and show out and Beyoncé surely didn’t fail us there. This was another flashy moment for her and she looked great on her. Over the years Beyoncé seems to have become more aware of the colors that she favors. This third dress is elegant, attributed to the cowls in her fabric and heart shaped bodice reminiscent of the ’40s.


Kamylle Edwards

In each picture here there is potential for glory in the gowns. Beyoncé, thought, went overboard. The white gown is goddess inspired but the appliqués make the dress look…tacky. Their placement is poor and the center silver plate is misplaced. The rough accent of a black leather harness on top of the gold gown sends a conflicting message, both about Beyoncé and the designer. While the irony in this design is clever it would have been better had the fabric been plaid or suede. The silver swirls on the blue dress make the organza fabric look like taffeta, which comes off more gaudy that anything else.


Kamylle Edwards

At this point Beyoncé is associated with all things shiny and glamorous, given her countless tour outfits with nothing but glitter and sequins. She carries this image everywhere with her. She began embracing designs that exemplify royalty, which is more strategic than stylish but we love it all the same. This the fashion of a diva, so it is less exciting because we’ve been exposed to this already. And yes, bow down.


Kamylle Edwards

Although the green dress above is very simple it is also one of the queen’s best dressed moments. The color of the dress compliments her skin tone while her hair is wavy giving a tropical feel and accented with the glass plated belt is a statement. By now we’ve grown accustomed to seeing Beyoncé in something shiny and pretty. The cross bodice gives us that subtle peek at the secret behind Bey’s sexy. She continues to play with garments that bare her flesh but are very formal. She never forgets to show off those legs and curves.


Kamylle Edwards

In 2015 Beyoncé slayed in her mauve-colored dress with peek-a-boo slits and asymmetrical bottom that shows off her great legs. She’s successfully married all the things she loves in one shot. While her white dress for this years Grammy’s wasn’t all that exciting on camera, up close the prints and fabric coupled with the vision behind “Formation”—this outfit makes a statement and makes sense.

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