It’s been three years since Lady Gaga changed the soundscape of pop music with Artpop and her fantastic collaboration with icon Tony Bennett. Since then, we’ve been following the news surrounding her next solo release and today we were hit with some bitter-sweet news from none other than her BFF Elton John.

“I’ve heard two or three songs from her new record, which she’s making with Mark Ronson, and it’s absolutely brilliant,” he said on his Rocket Hour podcast on Beats 1 “So you’re gonna be really happy when you hear that later in the year or early next year.”.

The news follows the other few tidbits of information we’ve been given about the release: there’s producer Mark Ronson “>”analog” sound. There’s the photo of Gaga in the studio with Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker and most recently, her longtime producer RedOne stating that the [Artpop]singer has “>”a ton of songs ready to go” for a new full-length.

Whether it’s this year, next year or anytime in the near future, we’re ready for you Gaga!