If you thought you’d heard the last of Big Sean and Jhene Aiko’s joint project TWENTY88, think again.

The rapper appeared on Power 106’s The Cruz Show and revealed that more music is coming from the newly-formed duo. He said, “This is something we’re going to keep doing. This is something that, no matter what people say–whether they love it, whether they hate it–this shit is not going to stop.”

He added, “TWENTY88 is a whole new group. When you look up the artist, it’s not ‘Big Sean and Jhene Aiko Presents,’ it’s TWENTY88. It’s a brand new artist.”

The two acts dropped the surprise album earlier this year, giving fans just a week’s notice before its release, after having previously collaborated on “Beware” (off Sean’s sophomore effort Hall of Fame) and “I Know” (from his third album Dark Sky Paradise). The project even included an accompanying short film.

On the process of creating the first EP, Sean said, “I love [it]. I think it’s a project too that we’re just gonna keep building on. It’s something we can come back to; that’s why we made it a group. I love the project. I think every song is fire. It was strictly for the fans. It was easy to do. It was something that just happened. It was cool because I liked it because I got to like really explore writing from her perspective, too. It was cool to get in the studio as opposed to being by yourself, you can trade ideas. And she did the same thing with my lyrics; we would go back and forth on it.”