Trouble has been brewing in Cash Money’s paradise for some time now.

Just last week Lil Wayne shouted “f—k” the label during a concert in Denver, and now it’s been reported that the rapper and his mentor Birdman have called off their lawsuit settlement.

Last year, Lil Wayne sued Birdman and the label for withholding millions owed to him for his long-awaited and anticipated album, Tha Carter V. Wayne asked to end to his contract, in addition to $51 million.

But earlier this year, the two seemed to be reconciling, with them appearing alongside one another in the studio in an Instagram photo, as well as at a club in Miami where Birdman called the rapper his “son.”

But TMZ is now reporting that any and all peace talks have ceased, stating, “[The album release is] Wayne’s first priority and he thought Birdman was on board too, but when nothing changed on that front, Wayne pulled the plug on any possible settlement.”

Here’s to hoping these two work it out or, at least, that Tha Carter V sees the light of day.