I’m just sick of these [people] playing with my name man, put some respek in my name man…”

Birdman shares a lot in common with The Wire‘s Marlo Stanfield. Where the latter famously coined the often-mocked mantra “My name is my name,” the Cash Money boss has offered his own interpretation: “Put some respek in my name.”

After starring in the shortest, and most talked about, interview ever on The Breakfast Club last month, Birdman sat with Hot 97’s Ebro In The Morning to disclose his feelings and thoughts on the matter, as well as folks like Rick Ross, Trick Daddy, and his current relationship with Lil Wayne. On Wayne, Birdman revealed that the two are in a good place but there is a “misunderstanding.”

“Me and him talk. You best believe that situation is going to work itself out. Our relationship has changed. I always wanted to be part of my son’s life any kind of way possible. That’s important to me. I love him. We’re gonna figure it out,” he said. “Me not putting out Tha Carter V, why wouldn’t I? I got a lot of money invested in Young Money and Wayne. I want to get some of mine back… I think the world deserves a Carter V. Whatever he wanna do, I’m good with.”

While his words were, for the most part, neutral for Wayne, Birdman had some colorful thoughts on Trick Daddy and Rick Ross. “I have the utmost respect for Ross. I taught him a lot of game in this sh-t. He watched my pimping, and he went and did his own thing with it. It threw me off,” he said. “If we speak, we speak. I can go the rest of my life not speaking to nobody. I don’t give a f-ck about that.” On Trick Daddy, the Cash Money mogul shared, “He knows what’s happening with me. I guess a n-gga get on the radio and wanna be funny or something. That n-gga knows what’s happening with me. Google me.”

Beyond the drama, Birdman also spoke on upcoming plans for the Cash Money brand. For one, he is working on a biopic about his own life, as well as one about his storied label. “I’m doing the Cash Money Story. I thought what Dr. Dre and Ice Cube did [with “Straight Outta Compton”] was genius. And I think my Cash Money story should be bigger because we’re supper relevant in music.”

The mogul also dished on work with Brooklyn’s own Uncle Murda and Maino, who he’s already worked with on new music. “I’m really feeling Murda and Maino,” he confessed, before adding, “I’ma do everything within my power to [support them]. We got their first single called “Gang Gang Gang” and I’ma blow it up. I’ma let them do their thing.”

The Brooklyn rappers recently dropped their collaborative mixtape, The Yellow Tape.

“I wanna embrace the town. I think New York’s been slept on and I don’t think the label is f—king with them.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Birdman congratulated Drake on the success of Views, which is expected to move close to a million copies in its first week sales. “I think Drake got the album of the year. In three hours he did like 400,000 copies,” he shared. “Drake is the new phenom. We need this. Wayne sold a million three times in a row. We [got] to keep bringing the bar higher.”

Watch Birdman’s sit-down with Hot 97, below.