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  /  04.15.2016

Nick Minaj should go back to dressing like a cartoon. Why? We LOVED it.

Now there is a definitely a time and place for some of her crazy wardrobe changes but it was a more interesting Nicki. She’s always been charismatic and never fearful to show that through her clothing choices. The riveting, rambunctious nature she branded herself with has faded over time… but there is something we miss.

Those jaw dropping moments that we once looked forward to: waiting to see which zany trick she had up her sleeve. The element of surprise that she brought to every red carpet. It was a treat and artists seldom do this anymore.

And be clear, we still love Nicki. Barbz all day. We’re just having a #FBF moment.

With that, here’s a trip down memory lane.

BET Awards 2015

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Typical of the Thierry Mugler brand, to mix sex and edge with a hip-hugging skirt. Here, Nicki Minaj continues to celebrate her figure but picks a simple yet unique item based on structure rather than loud color.

Billboard Music Awards 2014

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Despite the open waist clenching cage and heart shaped bustier, when paired with the ’20s style wavy hair and drop down earrings the complete look exudes a sexy compliment to class.

Elton John AIDS Fundation 2013

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Occasionally Nick returns to blonde wigs and Barbiesque impressions. Adorning her bronzed clevege with a bedazzled dress giving a wink at the sex appeal she so effortlessly sells.

FOX All Star Party 2013

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Nicki made a sharp turn in this year toward a more subtle look. No longer rocking those very loud and colorful looks she began wearing more black. For a woman of such character and pizazz it causes me great angst to see the light in her wardrobe be faded in black. However, I think this was a strategic transition into her fashion serving as less of a source of attention .

Macy’s Perfume Launch 2012

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Keeping up with the thematics of her wardrobe and never forgetting pink, Nicki steps out in a colorful look that is a little more subdued than customary. The silhouettes she wears show a more reserved aspect to her at least in comparison to some of her previous outfit choices.

MTV Video Music Awards 2012

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Captain Nicki has arrived. For a moment Nicki Minaj was seen all over town rocking these captain hats no matter the occasion. Here she continues to let her wardrobe do the talking and it said a lot. Understanding of her figure, the designer put together a piece that contours her shape almost perfectly with electrifying red trimming.

Good Morning America 2011

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Nicki Minaj might have taken a page from Gwen Stefani but we can’t call it. She was heavily inspired by the harajuku culture and began to dress her as such making her more appealing as an international star.

MTV Video Music Awards 2011

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This outfit is a Hot Topic girls vision board realized. Not to mention making Nicki a Hot Topic next to Beyoncé’s baby bump. The metallic pieces on the bodice appear heavy and the shape uncomfortable but….

American Music Awards 2010

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Nicki Minaj stated this dress reminded her of Carnival in Trinidad so that’s what sold her on this golden cage. Surprisingly not designed by either Mugler or McQueen yet clearly this designer drew inspiration from both. She looks like a hot alien with a possible tribe.

BET Rip The Runway 2010

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Remember the very beginning when everything Nicki did was loud. We liked that, because entertainment is about putting on a show. She always a appeared in a different, more magical costume to every red carpet opportunity. This get up is not different, looking a little creepy and a lot edgy probably spitting her hottest verse.


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