Back before the King Kunta officially made the transition from K Dot to Kendrick Lamar, he premiered a song called “I Do This,” with a prominent sample from Bill Withers 1975 “Don’t You Want To Stay.”

The track appeared on his notably 2009 EP, and now according to legal documents filed by MMG, there was no further clearance of the sample and “consists of nothing more than new rap and hip hop lyrics set to the existing music of ‘Don’t You Want To Stay’,” as quoted by TMZ. That statement is clearly incorrect due to the obvious added production, as it would have to sample more than the opening melodies to be an “exact replica,” but the group is suing for damages and to stop any further production of Lamar continuing to use Withers’ work.

While that version was put up as a free download, there’s a remixed version on his 2010 mixtape O.verly D.edicated, which is sold on iTunes.

Listen to the tracks below.