The Time Mike Tyson Hit On Her & 4 Other Things We Learned From Eve

  /  04.12.2016

Eve visited The Breakfast Club this morning (April 12) and the Philly rapper turned actor took the show on a trip down memory lane. She reminisced about Ruff Ryders, meeting her husband and being hit on by Mike Tyson. “I was scared to death,” she told the hosts to laughter. She’s currently promoting “Barbershop: The Next Cut” and preparing to return to music. Is a Double R reunion in the cards? Maybe.

On Deciding To Join “Barbershop: The Next Cut”

I was [reluctant] because, Why are we doing another “Barbershop”? Until I talked to the producer and read the scrip and I fell in love with it. And once I found out the new people that were coming and I loved it.

I heard Cube say it was just the script, in the end he didn’t want to do something just to do it. Like, this “Barbershop,” out of all of them, I think, is so relevant and it hits home with a lot of things going on in the world, in Chicago, even on Instagram, it’s talking about so many things I think he thought it was perfect.

On Working With Nicki Minaj

It was good, actually. Cause you never know. Especially with females together, women can be catty. Honestly, she was so sweet, she was really cool. She was very professional and she killed it in the movie. It was nice to see her in a different light.

On Marriage Life

It’s good. It’s definitely different, I’m a very independent… You know what, when we have arguments, it’s usually when I’ve been drinking and I forget that I can’t just leave the house. I forget I have no moments and I wake up the next morning, like, Hey baby. That kind of stuff, making up the next day, is crazy.

On The Time Mike Tyson Hit On Her

I was scared to death. I turned around and I was like, I’m only 17-years-old. And that was right after he bit homeboy’s ear. I was so scared, I will never forget that. Nobody was coming at Mike. I just kept walking.

On Reuniting With Ruff Ryders

I saw Swizz the last time he was in London. But I haven’t seen X or anyone else in a long time. We trying to get together. There’s emails. Listen, any time Ruff Ryders call me, I’m there, no question.


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