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  /  04.09.2016

63 days. I have been tortured for 63 whole days. Who is the person responsible for this dreadful act you might ask? Well, her name is…Beyoncé.

Yes, you read that right. Tweny-time Grammy award winning, Beyoncé “Queen Bey” Giselle Knowles has been inflicting severe pain onto my life and here’s why…

It has been nearly two months since Beyoncé told me to get in “Formation” after releasing her audacious new song and video, the day before her unforgettable Super Bowl performance. Since then, I have been waiting, meekly, for Bey’s new album that the Beyhive has socially named #B6.

Since the surprise release of “Formation” I’ve had to make several trips to my hair stylist to ensure that my edges were still strong and in tact. Why? Because since then Beyoncé has released two devastatingly gorgeous Elle magazine covers, a brand new active wear line and a website to promote her new line. On that website, she even teased some instrumentals off of her new album.

So, as any other honorary Beyhive member would do, I began developing theories. Theories of when my girl would drop her new masterpiece. Why? BECAUSE I KNOW HER…in my head.

My first theory was that she would drop her album at midnight that night. I swore to it, I mean after all, she did tease some of those #B6 instrumentals on her visually inclined website, so why not? Right? WRONG! She absolutely did not release anything.

No worries though, because she would most definitely surprise me over the weekend, right? Nope! Unfortunately I was wrong again.

So, that Sunday night I lie wide awake in bed wondering why. Why was Beyoncé stressing me out like this? I sincerely didn’t understand. I needed answers.

Then it hit me. FOUR!

Me and Bey’s favorite number is the number 4! She was born on September 4th (I was born on October 4th 💁), she married Jay-Z on April 4th, she released her fourth studio album on June 24th so, BOOM, Beyoncé would be releasing #B6 on the Monday, April 4, 2016. I mean she had to, being that that is OUR favorite number. Right?

No, wrong for the third time!

At this point, I’m exhausted. I’m depressed. I’m tense. I’m irritable. I’m beside myself.

Beyoncé, why have I been in “Formation” for 63 days with no direction or follow up orders? Girl, I am exasperated!

Nevertheless, I’ve still managed to dig deep down inside of myself, to find both certitude and faith for Queen Bey. All I can do now is continue to prep for #B6. I know Beyoncé wouldn’t have put me through all of this pain unless she were delivering an extravagant work of art…tomorrow?

Besides, it has to coming soon being that the Formation World Tour begins on Apirl 27th, right? RIGHT!


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