The life and legacy of internationally renowned music icon Miles Davis is celebrated in the film “Miles Ahead.” Directed by critically-acclaimed actor Don Cheadle, the ambitious, experimental biopic centers on the jazz legend and the orbit of escalating events relating to his artistry and undeniable force of chemistry between his revolving relationships. Set during the 1970s, known as an electric moment in music, Grammy Award-winning jazz pianist and record producer Robert Glasper spoke with REVOLT about his enlistment for music direction and scoring of the film.

“It was an honor all the way around,” Glasper said during SXSW where the film premiered at a screening and panel discussion.

“Don Cheadle was really great and he wanted me to make sure I always had my stand-point on what I was doing,” he explained. “He wanted the music to feel a little like it was in the future, because that was what Miles was all about. He was always thinking futuristic and what was hot in the moment, never dwelling in the history of the music.”

In regards to his experience and jazz background running parallel to Miles Davis’s influence on music and culture, he added, “jazz is supposed to be a musical reflection of the society you are in.”

Watch the full clip below, as “Miles Ahead” is now playing in select theaters.