The last time Maino and Uncle Murda linked together on a record, they ended up at the crosshairs of Bill O’ Reilly on The O’Reilly Factor and almost got two public defense attorneys stripped of their ability to conduct legal services.

As clear voices to be reckoned with, both collectively and individually, the decision for these two outspoken Brooklyn giants to come together on the joint mixtape The Yellow Tape: King Kong & Godzilla, not only shook things up upon its arrival, but also presumingly left the following thought on everyone’s mind: “Oh boy, what are they gonna say now?”

At 17 tracks, the self-professed rap game Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino put together a project that sounds like a beat-up pair of “Beef and Broccoli” Timberland boots and emits the feel of a summertime shootout. With Maino bringing in the emotion and Murda painting the picture, the Yellow Tape is something the pair call a “necessity.”

“This is us coming together and that’s needed in the game,” says Maino. “It’s necessary for us to make music and be free about it and not worry about singles and radio.”

Meanwhile, Uncle Murda simultaneously slapped a verbal discretion about the release stating: “If you ain’t about that life, don’t listen to this mixtape too seriously. Just enjoy the music.”

“If you is about that life and be on point, you might be heading down the road to catch as case.” Enough said.

If you haven’t already, check out Maino and Uncle Murda’s The Yellow Tape here.