Starstruck By Zendaya

  /  03.24.2016

Zendaya has transformed along her fashion journey to a very chic style maven. She has increasingly made statements with each outfit and hair decision. Starting off as the cute wholesome Disney kid, Zendaya has come into her own over the years with the help of her stylist, Luxury Law. One of her most dynamic style moments was her red carpet appearance at the 2015 Academy Awards with her dreadlocks extensions. For women, hair is a very important focal point and any changes will always be noted. On this day Zendaya took her stardom to a new level as she made a very bold and empowering statement of free expression. Coupled with her unique style Zendaya knows how to tell her story through her appearance. Here, REVOLT revisits some looks that have defined her new image.

2011 Disney Expo

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Like most children, up until a certain age, their parents have dominant control in the things they wear. In Zendaya’s case that control is split between Disney and her father. Sporting a pair of drop-crotch pants that are intentionally loose fitting, the cowls aren’t apparent because she is so tall the pants appear a little more form fitting than they should; this was probably a misstep in the stylist’s wardrobe choice. The added plain grey jersey tank and draped blue blazer add a little pop to her adolescent attire while accenting the pattern in her pants. Definitely mom and dad approved.

2011 Disney Kids and Family

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Again sporting an age appropriate look, here Z rocks only solid colors, which give her a bit of a conservative look. Playing it safely by pairing solid black tights and a black tank underneath her dress she avoids a display of any provocative flesh. In retrospect anything else would’ve been a very hard sell as she hadn’t even fully developed. Marrying the entire outfit together with a blazer that covers her arms, though, ironically looks too old for her.

2013 Pre-Grammy Party

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Around 2013 toga’s were very trendy. This outfit above shows a bit of personality with the use of metallics and a leather bomber jacket. However, each item looked painfully displaced. Here we see Zendaya attempted to mix materials to show charisma but the outfit seems to still be play a game of tug-a-war with her young image and parental advisory.

2013 BET’s 106 & Park

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Having witnessed the young star sift through her wardrobe options on this day it became apparent she had developed her own sense of style. Parting from her rather demure look as a Disney kid, Zendaya strikes with the most popular shades of the year by Prada and highly-coveted Giuseppe, from the collection curated by Kanye West.

2014 Kid’s Choice Awards

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Showing off a little leg, Zendaya tip toes on the fine line between a junior and an adult’s wardrobe. First, she paid homage to the classic Chanel multi-strand necklace with the embellished faux pearls and large brooches on her shirt. Then, she coupled white school girl socks and black low heels as well as frayed denim shorts. This look spells out class with a hint of rebellion.

2014 Teen Vogue Party

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Pharrell wasn’t the only one to try that hat. To put it simply, Zendaya “The Fashion Maven” had arrived and is fearlessly edgy even in the bleak all-black ensemble.

2015 Academy Awards

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This moment is when she made a pivotal cultural statement with locks and an elegant silk dress. The dress exemplified an elegances meant for the Oscars red carpet. The conversation piece here, however, was her hair, which surely made her the talk of the town on multiple stages. And we all know Zendaya has the last word.

2015 Paris Fashion Week

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At this point both Zendaya’s hair and wardrobe choices work simultaneously to tell her fashion stories. She wears her personality on her sleeve with this African-inspired patterned fabric. The designers break away from traditional silhouettes providing an item that is modern and chic enough to model during Paris Fashion Week.

2016 Grammy Awards

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Sporting an edgy mullet and a structured, tailored pant suit for androgyny, this outfit didn’t add anything new to the subject. But this look could have gone from boring to stunning with the use of statement jewelry like a brooch, cocktail rings, bold bracelets or a nice chocker to throw thing off. She’s still evolving.

2016 Kid’s Choice Awards

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The 1920s Hollywood glamour style that will never die paired with Charlotte Olympia shoes which appear as if they were made for this dress. Everything about this look is breathtaking. It would have been nice to see the dress in a bright color as the neutral comes off a bit bland for a kid’s show. But make no mistake about it, the dress’ shape compliments Zendaya’s developing figure and is very flattering for her age and noticeable maturity. She’s more than arrived.


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