Young Dolph is Memphis to the bone.

Sure he recently sent shots toward fellow Bluff City native Yo Gotti, but beyond the drama, Dolph is busy on a bigger task and that’s making sure his city gets the shine it deserves.

As he tells REVOLT, “It’s very important [to keep Memphis on the map] because it’s a lot or artists and people in Memphis, I’m the voice of the streets.”

“I go extra hard for Memphis just because our style and background is spread throughout hip-hop and people don’t even know it,” said the rapper. “A lot of stuff going on right now as far as production and the rap flows, it really came out of Memphis.”

Besides the drama, Dolph is enjoying quite a successful 2016. Just last month he earned a spot on Forbes’ Hip Hop Cash Prince list and released his debut album, King of Memphis. If that wasn’t enough, the rapper is also gearing up for an upcoming tour.

“I’m just one of the ones that gotta take one for the team,” he later added. “I’m finna work my ass off to make sure they respect the whole team, the whole city.”

King Of Memphis is out now on iTunes.