Bobby Shmurda Speaks On Epic Records And Possibility Of Going Independent

  /  03.07.2016

Additional reporting by Joed Esperance

[In part three, the Brooklyn rapper speaks on his future relationship with Epic Records, the possibility of going independent, and music plans going forward. He also expresses how much he wants to work with Jay Z and his excitement for fellow Brooklyn rapper Desiigner.]

On new music: “I got a lot of music [I’m writing]. I got like eight pads filled with music. That’s all I do, read and write all day.

On status with Epic Records: “The day I come home and [if] I’m still signed to them, it’s strictly business nothing more nothing less. I signed a contract, so I do have things I got to do for them. But besides that, it’s strictly business. So if they do decide to drop me, I’ll be independent and I’ll stay independent. But besides that, I still have a contract with them.”

On wishful collaborations: “Before I die, I want to get a chance to work with Jay Z. That’s somebody I’m looking forward to working with when I come home. Kanye — [he] got this fire album, I heard it on [Power] 105.1 the other day — Rick Ross, a couple people.

On who he’s listening to right now: “Shoutout to Desiigner, Future, Fetty Wap, Uncle Murda… Uncle Murda got everything on smash right now. Desiigner though, make sure everybody look at the young boy Desiigner, he got that “Panda” out going crazy. He got every jail going crazy [with that song].”

Bobby Shmurda Wants To Fight Against Social Injustice: ‘This Gotta Stop’

On what he wants people to know: “We all got to be in tune, because today is Bobby Shmurda tomorrow it could be you, your kids, anybody that the system is doing this to. The system got to start following it’s own rules. They do this constantly, they send people to prison unjustly, we all got to be in tune. The fight [against] injustice is not over. The fight for Black Lives Matter is not over.”


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