Photo: Anthony Boreland // REVOLT
  /  03.02.2016

When he was Malice, he was a sneering MC capable of reducing the competition to shreds with a hot 16 and the wizardry of the Neptunes production. Now, No Malice, is showing more of his thoughtful side, a zeal of sincerity pings his every word as he talks about his greater mission. Earlier today (March 2), the Virginia native visited The Breakfast Club where he opened up about his revelation that led him to a higher calling, how much he misses his brother and his new documentary, “The End Of Malice,” which will soon air on REVOLT (stay tuned for details) and features him on two songs from the project’s soundtrack.

Check out some highlights below.

On His Revelation

Bro, there are many revelations. It’s just doing the checks and balances of your life. Taking inventory of your life. There were a lot of things that I was into that weren’t conducive for me, my health, my marriage, my relationship with my kids.

On Doing A Joint Album With His Brother

I think there needs to be redemptive power in everything you do. If we did an album together it would have to be edifying. It would have to be something that people can walk away from, to better the listener. Not everyone had the luxury of having a father in the household like I did. And sometimes this music is raising them. It’s the soundtrack to our lives, you’re washing your car, pumping your gas, and you’re listening to what’s going on and you’re taking that everywhere you go. Now depending on what you’re being fed, that’s what you’re gonna put out. My brother and I would crush the game, in my opinion. He raps the way I like to hear rap. But my thing is, there is a mandate on my life. I can’t afford, especially right now, to be wishy-washy, or wavering side to side. I need to be flat footed. And my brother or people watching, they need something in this world, this life, that is going to be flat footed. Unwavering. iPhone 5 today, iPhone 1000 tomorrow, we’re always flipping back and forth. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. I follow his word, and whether they know they’re counting me or not, as long as he’s giving me the power to stay strong, I’ma be flat footed.

On Charlamagne’s Comments That He Doesn’t Cheat, Steal Or Kill But Has Lustful Desires

It is not so much whether you carry out the act or not, Jesus said that, your law says, that you are not to commit adultery. He said, but I’ll tell you if you look at a woman with lustful desires you have committed adultery in your heart. This is a heart matter. Me and you can get into it, fussing and cussing, fighting and just have a rage for each other. I don’t have to kill you, you don’t have to kill me. But we have a murderer’s heart. This is a heart condition. It’s what you have within your heart. And then you say, we don’t steal or cheat, or whatever it is, man, whoever is in this room has the capability of doing anything. And you have to be careful of saying what you’re never do. Because God has a way of showing you, you thought you would never do that. That means you’re leaving on your own righteousness. And we don’t have any righteousness in and off ourselves.

On His Upcoming Documentary

It’s about Malice coming to the end of himself. It chronicles my life in the industry, family life, where I am today. It’s just an awesome movie. And just to see the response and the emotions from the people that watch it, laughing and crying and the questions that they ask at the end. It’s a completely different project that my memoirs. It’s a memoir of sorts. It’s all having to do with my experiences. But it’s not about me. It’s about that so many people can relate to these situations. I don’t even know if all that I went through is about me. I believe it was about the platform I was given so I could come back and say, I did this, I did that, but there’s more to the story.

On His Relationship With His Brother

We don’t even talk about music. We don’t talk about industry. We don’t talk about any of that. We talk about things going on with our family. I always ask him how he’s doing on the road and what’s going on with him. Like I said, I would love to be there just to look after my brother. I just want to be there. I care about him so much, man. And he’s doing well, he looks good, you know? He’s taking care of our mom and everything. I don’t condemn anything. He has a front-row seat to see my transformation; he knows how I was on the road, he knew how I was growing up, he sees me now. And that’s part of my motivation of just staying flat footed, I have to.


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