Plies Opens Up About The Plug, Young Thug and More With The Breakfast Club

  /  02.25.2016

Plies visited The Breakfast Club this morning (February 25) and sat through a “C” level interview by Charlamange that featured an attempted grilling about the Tampa rapper’s friendship with Angela Yee. He also opened up (briefly) about Young Thug and delivered the behind-the-scenes story about his “Color Money” dive and that invitation for Kirk Franklin. Don’t run off on this one.

On The Color Money Situation

That was one of them situations that, for me, it will probably happen to me a million times. Just to back track it, it was never a situation where a nigga came on stage, walk past everybody and grab me. I was surfing through the crowd. I was on top of security shoulders, and they were mushing a dude and ended up choking him out. I saw the altercation going on. So when I got on stage, I stopped the show and told them to go get dude. They kicked him out the club. That’s one of my policies, when I’m performing I don’t let anyone get kicked out of the club.

That’s part of the mystique with me.

I called him back on the stage. So when he came on stage, security was like, do you want him to come holler at you? When he came up there, he was just talking. Man, I love you, if I had to get kicked out behind you, bro I don’t care I just want to touch your hand. I was like, cool. We was talking, I told him, just stand back there and drink the liquor, I just saved you from getting kicked out the club. Just be good. At that point, someone ended up yelling, Plies, I love you. When I looked off, I felt somebody grab me. When he grabbed me, I didn’t know if it was because he loved me or what. We didn’t have no friction. It wasn’t like me and dude were beefing. So when he picked me up, I just snapped. It wasn’t even trying to figure out why he was picking me up. When he picked me up, I felt myself going off stage and when I felt myself going off stage, I just turned. When I turned, I fell on top of him and his back hit the rail. When his back hit the rail, I just took off. At that point it was, they got him with a quick six.

On Inviting Kirk Franklin To The Strip Club

I heard Kirk kind of backtracked on what he said. He told me he thought I was talking about something else. I was talking about King of Diamonds. He thought I was talking about cutting, big joker and little joker. People always told me about how we look alike, we favor one other. I was always a fan of what he did. I never got into the gospel music thing. I thought it was a good offer.

On The Word Bih And His Beef With Young Thug

I use bih, and I feel lIke I’m the best person to ask [about it] cause I came up with it. I use it when I don’t want to curse. I use it in place of profanity.

And people who know how I’m rocking, kids is an sensitive issue for me. When it comes to that, I’ll just say this and we can keep it moving. Them kind of situations, don’t disappoint me. I understand the game. You got cats who ain’t popping trying to get popping. They just say what they wanna say. Dog ain’t popping.

It never started with me. You don’t go back and forth with little dudes, you just don’t do it. We can just keep this moving.

I don’t play with little dudes, period.


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