By Jade Foxx

New York, NY—What happens when you mix childhood nursery rhymes and cartoon theme songs with modern day trap music? Lil Yachty is what happens.

This Atlanta rapper has been doing show after show and has yet to disappoint. He first generated a buzz a few months back with his breakout track “1Night” and then earlier this month appeared in Kayne’s Yeezy Season 3 Fashion. Last night (February 23) he was at Webster Hall for his New York debut as a part of #PlayersBallNYC.

DJ Dylan The Gypsy kept the crowd super hype until it was time for Lil Boat to take the stage. As soon as he stepped out with his Polo pajama pants and Balenciaga kicks on, he grabbed the mic and from that point…it was on. He opened the show with his popular “Minnesota” and it was the perfect move.

Who knew a nursery rhyme-based beat could make a crowd go so hard?

Yachty proceeded to perform other fan favorites, including “Ice Water” and “Water On My Face.” However, it wasn’t until the Rugrats (yes, the cartoon) theme-song based “All Times” boomed inside that venue that it felt like Webster Hall was rocking back and forth along the the crowd, who rapped lyric for lyric, adlib for adlib with Yachty. It was also kind of a nostalgic moment for our generation considering how hard the Rugrats were when we were growing up.

Through out the duration of his performance Boat allowed fans to join him on stage to turn up and assist him with an adlib here or there. He definitely made a couple of people’s night just by being so open and comfortable to his fan base.

After all of the hype songs made everyone sweat, Lil Boat ended the show with “1Night,” which he used his vocals on to sing/rap and let all the fame-thirsty shorties down as easily as possible. Halfway through the song he signaled the DJ to cut the music and advised the crowd to continue singing acapella. It was a great wayto mellow everyone out and leave the venue full of positive vibes.