French Montana has done well for himself. He hustled his way from the streets to a burgeoning DVD empire before making it big in music. Now, he’s the talk of the town, both in New York and Hollywood. The latter city is where you’ll find him with a beautiful woman on his arm at any given time. “In L.A., I’m just cool with everyone,” he explained without explaining.

During a visit to The Breakfast Club on Tuesday (February 23), the Bronx rapper spoke about his recent collaborations with Kanye West, his new mixtape Wave Gods and he tried to skirt about his dating life but the Power 105 morning show hosts were relentless.

On His New Music And Upcoming LP

I’m about to put it out next month. You got to do it for the fans, but I just feel like music ain’t even like, it’s not even the same. With all the streaming and everything that’s going on. But for your fans you should put it out.

Me and Nas were been suppose to do something. But then when I started working with Kanye, just on his album and mine’s, I just had a bunch of records. We just got in the studio and had a bunch of records. That record, “Figure It Out,” it went perfect with [Nas’] movie and with I got going on. So we just did it. We were suppose to do three records.

On Max B., The Waves Controversy Between ‘Ye And Wiz

When you look at someone like Kanye doing it, it’s a form of flattery. Especially with Max and this and that. I feel good because he feels good about it. Honestly, where Kanye is at, he didn’t even know who Max B. was. I swear to God. But when Kanye blew out of Chicago and moved to LA, Max wasn’t even rapping. Kanye been in the game for a minute. He in a whole ‘nother tax bracket. I was explaining to him, going through the… I feel like it’s dope when someone doesn’t even know they’re doing it. But, damn, my boy was ahead of his time.

I never looked at it as something negative when someone like Kanye tries to do the wave thing. I don’t know what they got going on. I definitely didn’t want to get between that, cause I’m cool with both of them.

I feel like when everybody attacked Kanye, he didn’t get it. I was hearing different things. He was about to go on the Internet and say, Fuck Max B. Cause he didn’t know. That’s like me right now, if people say something, I’ma be like fuck them. But me having that great relationship with him, we was able to put it together. And we got crazy records out of it and put Max on the album.

On The State Of New York Hip-Hop

I feel like Kendrick Lamar sounds like a New York artist. They want you to rap over them type of beats. As long as your beats sound like Preemo. But I feel like when me and Harry Fraud make music it sounds like New York records. It’s growth.

On In-Studio Collaborations

I write all my own music. But sometimes you can have someone in the studio with you that can do that beat better than you, so lemme get that idea. I don’t feel like you any less of an artist if you have help in the studio. That’s wack to think that. Because some of the biggest hits, you’ll be surprised…. I don’t think think you should take away the creativity of the artist. I do it all the time. Why wouldn’t you?