Mac Miller and The Fader premiered a telling documentary on Mac’s everyday life last night (February 4) called “Stopped Making Excuses.” The gritty film showed us a man that dealt with life issues through sedation. A young Mac Miller bathing while fully dressed, exposed his issues with drug abuse. Though the film doesn’t cast a dark cloud over this moment, instead it highlights how to enjoy yourself, responsibly. Mac later confessed to still enjoying being intoxicated but not to an extreme level. He believes now that fun should come with function.

Ahead of the project’s commercial release, here’s 10 things we learned from Mac Miller at the event.

Mac Miller Is An Emotional Guy

In his opening statement Mac expresses how intense his feelings can be at times, and it comes across in the doc.

He Endorses…Scott

Part of being an adult, for Mac, includes unpacking boxes to move himself into his new apartment and using Scott’s toilet tissue.

Mac Is Super Lonely In New York

For a long time Mac has dealt with feeling lonely and being new to New York isn’t much different.

He Can Play The Guitar, Piano And Drums

Maybe you knew this, maybe you didn’t; but we found that he is super-talented beyond words as he played each instrument in the documentary.

Being By Himself Can Become Toxic And That Is How L.A. Made Him Feel

While in Cali, Mac tried many things to keep himself entertained, which, is why he’s back east now.

“I’m Not On Drugs, Drugs Are On Me”

At a moment of deep intoxication, Mac proclaimed this profound statement.

He Is A Real Rapper

Sometimes, because he is white, he is called to question for his craft, his response is, “I am real.” (Certainly, his last album, Watching Movies With The Sound Off, also proved this.)

He Loves To Perform In His Hometown

The energy Pittsburg gives him is unparalleled to any other place.

He Doesn’t Think You Should Live Your Live On Drugs

Having experienced drug abuse, Mac believes being intoxicated all the time isn’t cool. We agree.

Mac Miller Likes Making Music With Phony Ppl

Mac thinks the band Phony People is really dope and enjoys making music with them.