Peter Gunz Opens Up About His Relationships, Children & His Son's Career

  /  02.01.2016

Peter Gunz is a man of many words, many women and many kids. But the Bronx Bomber is honest; he faces the heat and doesn’t hide from the tough questions. Today (February 1) he visited The Breakfast Club and got grilled by Charlamange Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee. The interview was entertaining and revealing. Here’s some of the highlights.

The Slap: Real Or Fake?

Let me tell you. I’ma keep it one hunned. There was nothing fake about the actual…they added a sound effect. And I’ll never understand that. She caught my nose and my nose was bleeding. It was unexpected. Amina don’t rock like that. What happens is, y’all don’t see all this, they start saying all this under the table jabs, and then it starts getting real. The one thing that Tara said that bothered Amina was, that [our relationship was something that] went too far. And she got tired of hearing that.

Was Amina Something That Went Too Far?


How His Behavior Affects His Kids

You’ll see if you keep watching (the show). Me and my daughter we talk about that. I’m human. I love all my kids, I’m in all their lives. I’m saying I’m human because, of course, it bothers me. I go on Instagram and I see, How are you gonna feel when your daughter is on that position? My daughter has been in that position. My daughter has came to me crying about a dude cheating on her. Now, if she came to me about a dude putting hands on her that would be handled accordingly. But the cheating part, what am I gonna do? Go to the guy and say that’s wrong?

On Women Hollering At Him

It’s ridiculous. And I’m not saying that to brag. And that’s because Cardi B. and other people saying it must be the D, because he’s old and broke. What bothers me the most is that people judge you from five minutes. The most you’ve seen me from that show is four to five minutes (at a time). That’s 100 percent OK with me. But it doesn’t show my personality or show why Tara or Amina might like me outside the D. It’s just why they don’t like me.

DJ Self And Papoose Got Into It?

We had a scene where me, Self and Rich. We were at the restaurant, where I have a small ownership. We do a scene there, for an hour and a half. Me, Rich and Pap. We have a nice, long conversation. End of the scene Pap doused Self with a drink. Pap don’t really drink but he was that day. Y’all gotta get me. I shouldn’t have told y’all.

Charlamange: He mad Self don’t play his music?

Ding, ding, ding, we got a winner. I’m snitching. The weird thing is, everything was great. It was a good scene and we taking the mics off and then water is flying.

Latest On Cory Gunz’s Career

He’s working again. Swizz is coming in, helping Cory with his project. It’s time to get him off the bench. He’s caught up in that whole Cash Money stuff. His case is good, he got probation. He just writes, write, writes, works. He didn’t want to do a show, it was on the table for him. Young Money has a show now that he probably won’t…. He’s really into writing in the studio and playing his PlayStation. He hated Son of a Gun so that’s why that didn’t come back on.



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