R. Kelly Revisits Sexual Abuse Case, Talks Skepticism of Cosby’s Accusers

  /  01.20.2016

As the past repeatedly rears its head, R. Kelly tackles them front and center in a brand new profile for GQ.

The Grammy award-winning entertainer, who just released his critically-praised album Buffet, has dodged questions about his past several times, including an incident last month with Huff Postthat resulted in a dramatic walk out. However, in the brand new editorial, Kelly details several accounts of his past, including the time he was regularly sexually abused from age 7 to 15 by a relative.

“Back then, too young to judge. As I’m older, I’ve only learned to forgive it,” he said of the abuse that was brought on by a woman he mentions as a relative. “Was it wrong? Absolutely. But it’s a family member that I love so I would definitely say no to that one. To be honest, even if my mom, I saw her kill somebody, I’m not gonna say, ‘Well, yeah, she definitely should go to jail.’ It’s just something I wouldn’t do.”

When asked about losing that sense of innocence due to the circumstance, Kelly delved deeper on the long term effects, saying, “It teaches you to definitely be sexual earlier than you should have, than you’re supposed to. You know, no different than putting a loaded gun in a kid’s hand—he gonna grow up being a shooter, probably. I think it affects you tremendously when that happens at an early age. To be more hornier. Your hormones are up more than they would normally be. Mine was.”

The experience was previously mentioned in an explosive 2013 article ran by Village Voice, which recapped 10 years worth of disturbing details surrounding Kells’ sexual assault allegations. Of course, the latter matter was a topic of discussion in the lengthy piece, however Kelly did his best to avoid commenting. “My lawyers have advised me not to comment,” he replied at one point, before, and for one of the rare moments of loquacity, denying any being into the whole urination thing.

“Absolutely not,” he replied, after being asked if that was something he is into as part of sex. “In no circumstances.”

“To be honest with you man… however, whatever, whenever. When a person is found not guilty, they’re found not guilty. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a murder case, it doesn’t matter what case it is, when you’re found not guilty, they’re not guilty. And I think that a lot of haters out there wanted to see me go down.”

Bill Cosby, a name that is no stranger to controversy these days, was also mentioned in the interview, regarding the claims against him by numerous women. Expressing sympathy for the 78-year-old comedian, Kelly told GQ:

“I’m a fan of Bill Cosby’s from the Bill Cosby show, of course — who’s not? — and for me to give my opinion on something that I have no idea if it’s true or not, all I can say is that it was a long time ago… And when I look on TV and I see the 70-, 80-, 90-year-old ladies talking about what happened when they were 17, 18, 19, there’s something strange about it… If God showed me that they were telling the truth, I would say that’s wrong. I don’t care if it was a zillion years ago. But God would have to do that, because God is the only one can show me that. No man can tell me that. No woman can tell me that. And when you wait 70 years, 50 years, 40 years, to say something that simple, it’s strange. You know why I say that is because it happened to me, and it wasn’t true.”

Elsewhere in the article, the singer goes Jason Bourne when asked about Dave Chappelle and this skit, among other topics. Check out more from R. Kelly’s must-read GQ feature here.



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