Kevin Hart's Best Quotes From His Breakfast Club Interview

  /  01.14.2016

Kevin Hart is a busy man these days, what with the new season of Real Husbands of Hollwyood, his upcoming comedy special “Now What?” and, of course, his most immediate concert: “Ride Along 2,” which is in theaters this weekend. The comedian stopped by The Breakfast Club today (January 14) and spoke to the crew about his life and touched on a few interesting topics, including his new deal with Nike, his forthcoming nuptials and why he almost bought an exotic animal. It was a blast.

Here are some of our favorite quotes and after that you can watch the interview for yourself below.

Just Do It

I’m signed by Nike! Do you understand? It’s huge! I think Kanye is entitled to his own opinion and feelings. I personally think that my relationship with Nike is amazing. I’m with a company that understands my feeing about bridging the gap between professional athlete and average individual that doesn’t understand that there’s an athlete in them.

Getting Married

It’s a wrap. Little nuggets is on the grill. Cook it. I got a good one, I can’t play any games. I call her my rib. I don’t know if people understand what that means, its from the Bible. It’s something you can’t live without. You not suppose to live without, granted plastic surgery has put people in a position today….I don’t know what they’re doing. Some people are taking out their stomach, walking around out here with no digestive systems. I can say on record with my last marriage, I take full responsibly for the mistakes I made. I did wrong, that’s why I got out of it. At that age of 22, I wasn’t ready to be married. I’m 36 now, I got a good woman. You can always try to find something that’s better, a bigger ass, breasts but that never ends. When you find something that stimulates you on a mental and physical and emotional level, at this age, what else do I need?

Drake vs. Meek

Here’s my take on the situation, I’ve had conversations with both of them in the past. First, it’s music, so no one is going to be against a good back and forth between two musicians. It fuels that sport. It’s about your music, so ultimately you should never lose site of your music. That was my thing with Meek, at the end of the day you’re Meek Mill. You might not understand that but other people do. That names holds a certain level of respect. People support what you build and buy your albums. Get back in the studio, and let that go. Drake is Drake. Drake, for our generations, he’s our rap superstar. Get back to being Drake the superstar. This can’t last that long, this isn’t what you’re [both] about.

Prince And Being Starstruck.

I saw Prince last year at the Golden Globes, it was either the Golden Globes or the Oscars. He has a cane, but not for limping purposes. It went with his outfit. Prince walked through me. Not around me. I was like, Hey Prince! And then I was like, what the…. cane, everything, I had to move. I didn’t even care if he knows me. But he didn’t even say excuse me! You know I’m a comedian, I didn’t know if he wasn’t playing.The people with him didn’t say anything. I left and went back to the table and was like, Baby, Prince didn’t even say excuse me. I was a little messed up by that.

That One Time In Dubai….

After going to Dubai, I see why people buy them exotic animals. We went to visit one of the royal families in Dubai. Hand on the Bible, it’s tigers and lions but it looks like they just walking on grass. I was like, Are we on a zoo? They were like, the royal family wants to meet you, this is their ground. wWe get out, there’s lions and tigers, it’s about nine of them. They got a liger, a lion and tiger combined. This is his pet. They go, Do you wanna pet one? I black out, Yeah! He was like, we have falcons, too. The sheik likes to fly them around and have it land on his wrist. He has chimps, they know the sheik. Real chimps. An orangutan comes on a four-wheeler. Y’all think its a game. When i show you this, you’re gonna go, what?! an orangutan comes out on a four-wheeler. Understand how he came out. They said, Yeah, he likes to ride it around. We go inside. In the house, there’s baby orangutans dressed up in like Gap Kids. You think I’m lying! Listen to me, the orangutans had nannies. What is going on? When we left I was like….I’m about to get an orangutan. For a second. I see why Mike got Bubbles.



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