Bio: Gemaine is a twenty year old singer from Compton, Los Angeles and a rising star in the world of R&B. As a student at View Park Prep High School, Gemaine developed his talents through various musical productions, all the while envisioning himself to one day become a Hollywood actor.

In December 2013, with the help of his brother, Gemaine recorded a six second freestyle at Guitar Center that went viral on Vine. Gemaine decided to turn that snippet into his first single, “Freaky”. The beautiful melodic track is a great entry record because it perfectly showcases Gemaine’s vocal range. Though he always had an appreciation for music, the reaction that his Vine received convinced him to pursue music full-time.

Although he’s thankful that social media has become a new A&R-friendly platform enabling undiscovered artists the opportunity to shine, Gemaine is making it his mission to not settle for being Vine-famous. A trained pianist, Gemaine is looking to do more with his talents than just sing. His goal is to create music that “make people feel good and becomes an outlet from their problems.” Gemaine wants to be an artist that inspires and to use his talents as a way to help others. “One day I will open up community art centers that will expose my people to various opportunities and inspire them to express themselves and to use that expression to help them overcome their current situations,” explains the young musician.

Influenced by the musical sounds of Michael Jackson, R. Kelly and Jamie Foxx, this young star’s music is infused with the iridescent sounds of soul, jazz and pop that blends together in a smooth sensual way. Working on his debut EP, Curious, Gemaine says, “I enjoy making music and I want others to connect and feel the emotion in my music.” The music Gemaine is making is a reflection of his life – full of passion, desire, love, and heartache. The young musical talent uses his sultry voice as a distinct instrument that blends beautifully with each beat. “My job is to entertain, I want people to enjoy the record, and love the performance even more.”

Gemaine will release his debut EP, Curious, in the Fall of 2015. An five song compilation with two interludes, Curious is a look into the first love (and heartbreak) he ever experienced. Curious is the first of three projects set to be released next year. Because Gemaine feelings are an open book, each EP in series will connect with listeners as he goes through the emotional highs and emotional lows of that first love. Curious will guide us as he finds her and falls in love. With such songs as the playful, “Let Me In”, Gemaine sings about the cat and mouse game girls play with guys or the sexy track, “2:33”, about that first time making love, and the first single, “Freaky.” This EP will take you on a fantastic voyage. One listen to Gemaine and you will hear why his fans keep his music on repeat.

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