Finding The Elusive Frank Ocean

  /  01.08.2016

Despite the idea, don’t go looking for something you aren’t prepared to find.

In certain cases, it can bring a sense of assurance and reality to the situation. Not to be compared with finding out if fictional characters were real as a child or if extraterrestrial life truly exists. But more so, putting your mind to rest.

In this case, one can only wonder, where in the world is Frank Ocean? Or as Adele candidly put it recently, “I’m just fucking waiting for Frank fucking Ocean to come out with his album!”

We feel your sentiment, girl.

Okay, so great things take time, it’s quality over quantity, mystery procures admiration, right? Sure. But what about the population of crazed Frankie fans that has patiently (and I mean patiently) respected his creative space over the last four years?

Or even better, marked July 2015 as the debut of his sophomore album Boys Don’t Cry, only to have the month and year come-and-go with no explanation?

Well, it’s now time to find Frank.

So where do we start?

Maybe the UK, since reports have revealed he recorded parts of his album at the legendary Abbey Road studios. Or possibly he’s hiding out in his hometown of New Orleans. Or perhaps his Odd Future misfits can point us in the right direction. Regardless of the location its imperative fans, and more so the state of music, receive a new project. As there’s no better time than now.

With artists such as Lauryn Hill reintroducing herself after her iconic ’98 blueprint The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, D’Angelo’s Black Messiah picking up right were he left off nearly 14 years ago, and most recently the triumph success of Adele’s 25, the subsequent precedent of Channel Orange will undoubtedly reign with a certain grace of resurgence.

Prioritizing his expression over public accessibility, Frank remains the mystery man of the hour, all while living behind the scenes of his own fame. In a landscape increasingly dominated by the approval of others, it’s refreshing to have an artist insist on total control of his image, reach, and media interpretation. Frank Ocean is someone who risks being alone and isolated for the depth of his own identity and the sake of his creative disobedience.

Again, all aspects we applaud and attribute to his emotionally poignant sensibility. Our gripe isn’t his minimalist nature, but rather his obsolete respective material. And truthfully, whether Channel Orange is the end-all-be-all or simply a stamp of where he was at that moment in time, our fancy for Frank would never fade. We just want more. We want love. We need you.

So Frank, if you’re out there meandering headlines about the music bounty over your sophomore album or in a creative cave exasperating the perfections, we will find you. In the meantime, I will write this plea for your return and move about and say random outburst of things, pretending not to wait.

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