Sometimes it’s meant to leave a classic as a timestamp for what they served, unless it’s done so right you don’t even think about how wrong it could have gone.

“Creed,” out now, could have went wrong in so many ways, but with the right direction and character building, it has resurrected the Rocky legacy.

Directed by Ryan Coogler, whosee 2013 debut with “Fruitvale Station” garnered countless accolades, introduces the son of heavyweight champ Apollo Creed, Adonis Johnson played by Michael B. Jordan.

“Not having your own lane develops a hole of not knowing who you are,” Jordan told REVOLT of his character. “Adonis is just trying to fill that hole.”

As for returning to set with Coogler for their second motion picture, Jordan said, “When me and Ryan were shooting ‘Fruitville,’ we were walking to the set so casually and he asked, ‘You want to play Apollo Creed’s son?’ Of course I said yes, and I didn’t hear anything about it for a few weeks.

“I think that’s a testament to Ryan for having Sly [Sylvester Stalone] even bring a character like Rocky out of retirement, because in his mind that journey was finished.”

Working closely with Sly and the Rocky team franchise, he added, “Through the course of the film you see us build and bond together, and that on-screen relationship between these two different worlds can bring people together. That’s the goal.”

Watch the full interview below.

Reporting by Jayson Rodriguez