Demonstrators have taken to the streets of Chicago to protest police following the release of dashboard camera footage showing Laquan McDonald’s shooting death.

McDonald was fatally shot in 2014 by officer Jason Van Dyke, who earlier today (November 24) was charged with murder. The charge came after a judge ruled the footage from a police car detailing the incident would be admissible in court. The video (available for public to view) is graphic and displays the encounter between Van Dyke and McDonald, which resulted in Van Dyke fatally killing the latter after firing 16 shots at the black teen.

Activists and community members are protesting police and government officials over their lack of response to the controversial killing.

Laquan McDonald’s name quickly began trending across social media after the video was released.

In addition to chants of Black Lives Matter, singing of songs by Kendrick Lamar and J.Cole, demonstrators are simple watching police for their response to activists expressing their opinions.

Native son, Vic Mensa, was among the many demonstrators out in the streets.

MSNBC reports the protests have been tense, however, as press time there have been no escalated incidents of violence between demonstrators and police.