Chris Brown stopped by Hot 97 on Monday (November 23) to give the scoop on all things Royalty, both the album and his adorable daughter.

“It’s just amazing to see an extension of myself growing up,” he said in a way a proud father does.

In the interview Breezy opened up about his past relationships and his insecurities in between dropping inner zen bombs and gems of peace and wisdom. New album, new Breezy?

While he spoke a December 18 date as the album’s release date with a pre-order date for this Friday, it seems plans have changed since then.

A tweet posted over the weekend and an Instagram video yesterday each hint at a Friday release date instead…which also happens to be Rihanna’s ANTI release date…

Check out some of the highlights from the interview below.

On Royalty:

“I haven’t really asked too many people to work because I think this body of work had to define me as a man, where I’m at in my life right now. That’s why I named it Royalty, ’cause that’s the biggest part of my life right now, my daughter.”

“I think I’m really just focusing on great music. I think our audience is very desensitized, or even myself, to just anything. You can put out a record and say nothing in it and then it’s like, ‘Hey we love that record,’ just because of the vibe.

On His Insecurities:

A lot of times in interviews with me and Tyga, it was based on my insecurities, and what I didn’t like. […] Yeah, I was trying to have his back as his boy, but I had to find out what’s the underlying meaning and it’s mainly insecurities. Everybody has it. You know, for me, I was insecure about what people thought about me, how my peers treated me. I had to find a sense of calm and really look at my life, none of that matters.

On his custody battle and current relationship with Royalty’s mom, Nia:

“A lot of the times, people or even young Black men, we don’t accept our responsibilities because we’re too scared or too young. I just wanted to show people in any situation God gives you certain things to deal with or run away from. I think dealing with it shows more character and shows your growth as a man….

“There’s no issue. We never had a relationship. We didn’t even have dating or anything like that. It just happened.”