Update: 25 has officially crossed the 3 million barrier, in less than a week to further extend its new record.

There were projections and anticipated hopes, and now there’s this: Adele is officially the holder of the record for most U.S. albums sold in one week.

Billboard confirmed the record via Neilsen Music.

The British songstress sold a staggering 2,433,000 copies of 25 to outpace N’Sync’s 2000 record of 2,416,000 for their No Strings Attached.

The new record is notable for the current climate of the industry, where digital sales outpace those of physical. Yet, Adele and her team bypassed Apple Music to instead focus on iTunes and brick and mortar stores.

25 was released on Friday amid a holiday rush, and select media appearances and in three days it notched the record. With three more days left in the tracking period (Friday through Thursday), Adele can put the record far out of reach. Analysts are predicting she ends the week with sales close to 2.9 million.