Jason Van Dyke, the Chicago police officer who fatally shot a black teenager in October, has been charged with first-degree murder over the incident.

The officer is set to appear in court today (November 24) for a bond hearing, according to CNN.

On October 20, 2014, Van Dyke, who is white, encountered Laquan McDonald when he responded to a call that the 17-year-old “punctured a tire on a police car” and was carrying a knife. According to a police report, McDonald didn’t “comply” with an order to drop the knife. What happened next isn’t clear, however, McDonald was then shot 16 times.

Activists demonstrated against the shooting and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel said Van Dyke “violated” the trust of the community.

Video of the incident will be made public after a judge ruled it was admissible in the case. According to reports, footage from the dash camera is “graphic and deeply disturbing.” If you want to view the video click, here.