Scott Storch has seen the highs of success and the depths of failure.

His troubles were well documented, from his drug abuse to his money and personal problems. His triumphs, to be fair, were also well documented. Multi-platinum sales, chart-topping singles and Grammys.

Now, he’s set for his third act, having recently produced “Sorry” for Rick Ross and forthcoming tracks for Chris Brown.

And he’s making the rounds at studios, with hopes to work with Dr. Dre and Jay Z again—and more big names.

“I’m definitely excited to be potentially working with Kanye,” he told REVOLT. “I played music for Rihanna and her people, that was amazing.”

At his zenith, Storch (a gifted keyboard player) was the go-to man for Dr. Dre and Timbaland co-productions before becoming the man behind the boards and crafting pop perfections for Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé and club bangers for Fat Joe and 50 Cent.

But 2011 things slowed down as his life spiraled out of control amid wild rumors and a bankruptcy filing.

“I didn’t lose it all. I lost a lot. when you’re in a moment, a month that you’re doing heavy drugs, you’re rationalization is not there anymore,” he explained. “I’ve said this before, there’s been articles that said Scott Scorch blew 30 million on cocaine. No, I did not. I blew 30 million cause I was on cocaine. The cocaine was free. You make bad decisions.”

The past two years have seen an uptick in his discography and he has a new focus once again on making music. And the dark days are gone. “That’s behind me now,” Storch said. “I’m unstoppable.”