Missy Elliot’s making a full blown comeback with new music, visuals, a Billboard cover…and a new album?

Just wait on it.

In her cover story, the MC talks about her decade-long break from music, why it happened and why she’s back. (We owe you one, Pharrell!).

She also teases the possibility of a new album while, nonchalantly, revealing there are about six others “just sitting there.”

On her comeback.

“I have to be very careful. It’s different now. People are quick to be like, ‘You’re irrelevant, you’re a flop, you’re washed up.’ ”

On her 10-year absence since releasing music.

“If I wanted to do The Missing Files of Missy Elliott, I have probably six albums just sitting there. But it was much needed. People hadn’t realized that I haven’t just been an artist, I’ve been a writer and a producer for other artists. When you’re writing that much, your brain is like a computer. You have refresh it.”

On being diagnosed with Graves’ disease.

“It causes hair loss, your eyes bulge. My blood pressure was always up from just overworking.”

On using music as an escape.

“My room would become a whole other world once I shut that door. That’s why I believe my videos are so important to me. It was Alice in Wonderland: my bed, my closet — it would all turn into something else. And I would write and sing and block out whatever was going on.”

On the release of her next album.

“I want to say 2016 but I don’t want to give a time. Nowadays you say a time, they’ll stone you.”

Read Missy’s full Billboard interview, here.