What a time to be alive, for Future that is. In the midst of an album and mixtape release the Atlanta star is now gracing the cover of Mass Appeal‘s latest issue, where he talks his post-breakup comeback, addresses the alleged 2013 beef with Drake and his grungy beginnings with the Dungeon Family.

On his break up with Ciara:

“All they cared about was what red carpet we were on, the next dinner date, when we gonna get married. […] It really killed me… I’m about to go through this big break up [and people are] saying I can’t come back from this. I knew I had to reconnect with the fans after Honest.

On his come up:

“I had a vision for myself and I was putting in work for that vision, but it didn’t feel like I was going nowhere. […] First time I went to The Dungeon, I just went in there and laid one verse and a hook. I was shy because there was so many people in the studio. And they was like ‘Oh that’s [Rico] cousin. He just tryna get the fame.’ They ain’t really want me there so I just didn’t come back around.”

On his alleged 2013 issued with Drake:

“We never had an issue like that. Media took it somewhere else.”

Check out the full interview, here.