We haven’t heard a peep from Tweet in a while, but that changes today.

The R&B singer is back and says she’s here to stay. After releasing her sophomore project, ten years ago, titled It’s Me Again, Tweet broke away from the music industry completely. She explained what led to that decision: “I broke away because I was losing myself. I compromised for my second album and didn’t get the same in return. I felt broken.”

Tweet noted that her second album didn’t meet her expectations and it was disheartening. The bad news came in the midst of everything else in her life going wrong. “A whole lot of stuff was happening at the same time. I was smoking three packs of cigarettes a day and drinking everyday,” she explained. “The man I was dating got another woman pregnant. It was a lot at once.”

For nine years and counting Tweet hasn’t dated, touched a drink or smoked a cigarette. Even though the cigarettes and alcohol are gone forever, she did note “It’s time for Stella to get her groove back!” So, fells, take note.

Tweet’s new sound is a far cry from the steamy exercise in female self-pleasure that was “Oops (Oh My).” The acoustic guitar-driven track titled “Won’t Hurt Me” (above) finds a soft-spoken Tweet soulfully telling the man that she (thought) she loved that she’s ending their relationship since he doesn’t know how to treat her. It’s the lead single from her upcoming LP Charlene, which is due out the day after her 44th birthday on January 22nd. Charlene Keys is Tweet’s government name. She’s aiming for simplicity by self-titling the project and she wants fans to know that “It’s a full body of soul music.”

Being self-described “family” to Missy Elliott has it’s perks. Not only is she working with Misdemeanor on Charlene, Tweet has already heard Missy’s highly-anticipated new record in it’s entirety. Tweet told REVOLT that she’s “so excited for the world to see that (Missy) hasn’t compromised, she’s still a game changer and she’s about to hit it hard. I’m excited for you guys to see it.”

Missy’s new single “WTF(Where They From)” is due later this afternoon.

After wowing the world with her Super Bowl surprise comeback, we’re sure whatever the musical force that is Missy Elliott touches, will turn to gold…if not platinum. Check out the video below for our full interview with Tweet.