Before there was a cannabis movement, Snoop Dogg was already an advocate. From his rise on Dr. Dre’s The Chronic album to his own affinity for marijuana, the D-O double G has always been green. Now, he’s putting even more effort behind it.

The rapper announced his latest business venture, Leafs by Snoop, at a Colorado event last night (11/9) where he hosted and deejayed the night away.

The purpose of the new company is to produce edibles, flower and concentrates, which are key products in the expanding recreational marijuana market.

“I’ve beeen at the forefront of this movement for over 20 years now, I’m a master of marijuana,” Snoop said in a statement. “So naturally, my people can trust that I picked out the finest, freshest products in the game. Let’s medicate, elevate and put it in the air!”

This product launch follows Snoop’s creation of Merry Jane, a sativa-leaning website dedicted to covering all things cannabis.

Earlier this year, REVOLT visited Colorado for the 420 festivities to take a look at how marijuana legalization is creating a new industry and its affects on the economy and job market.

In addition to Snoop, friends of the music mogul were in attendance at the LBS launch, including Daz Dillinger. Before a selection of Prince, Travis Scott and others from Snoop turned the event into a full-on party, he spoke about the specific items (Dogg Treats will feature gummies, fruit chews, chocolate bars) and the different blends (there’s eight different strains of flower) in some of the products. The names were as flavorful as the man himself, from Blueberry Dream to Lemon Pie to Tangerine Man.

Have a look at what went down below.