Eminem is putting his money where his lyrics are. Announcing his latest endeavor and future investment into Genius, the partnership, like previous investors Nas and Pharrell, will grant Em control of the lyrics section on his website.

“Coming up we would always obsess over the lyrics from our favorite MCs. Picking everything apart, trying to get into their heads,” Eminem said in a statement. “I still do that today and Genius helps to make it a worldwide conversation. Pretty amazing to me.”

Paul Rosenberg, Eminem’s manager and Shady Records co-founder, added: “Genius provides an avenue for fans to dig deeper into their favorite songs, but more importantly, it gives artists a way to communicate their artistic intent directly to those fans. For an artist like Eminem, the intricacies and nuances in his lyrics are very layered and his art is a perfect fit for this type of tool. We’re excited about what this partnership brings for both sides.”

Founded in 2009 by Tom Lehman and Ilan Zechory, the Brooklyn-based company continues to pride itself on its reach and delivery of being the world’s largest e-hub for sourced and credited song lyrics. The announcement also follows Eminem’s earlier contribution to some of his biggest hits including “Rap God,” “Stan” and “Lose Yourself.” It’s only fitting the Detroit fast-rhymer accurately pen his barrage of lyrics.