Last summer, Bobby Shmurda and his Brooklyn-based GS9 crew served a life from the streets to the tracks, with their hood anthem “Hot Boy.” After a short-lived run in the music industry and turn of events, Shmurda and over 12 others were arrested within the coming months for possession of an illegal firearm and narcotics trafficking. With the charges pending a motion for a direct verdict, the embattled rappers Bobby Shmurda and Rowdy Rebel recently turned down an eight-year plea deal for their multiple conspiracy counts. Rowdy Rebel, real name is Chad Marshall, spoke to REVOLT from prison on the status of his case, as well as his thoughts on Epic Record’s support thus far.

“It’s a waiting process right now,” Rowdy said, “My spirits are good, I ain’t letting nothing drag me down or what God has planned for me. It’s all in God’s hands.”

Maintaining the music behind bars, he goes on to add, “Only update I got right now, is that I’m about to drop a mixtape since I know the streets have been waiting. Its’ called Schmoney Keeps Calling, and even though I’m locked out that shit keeps calling me.”

And as far as Epic’s defense, he commented, “I didn’t expect Epic to get us out, because at the end of the day we’re not the best of friends, they just signed us to their company. They don’t feel the pain that my family and friends feel, but on the business side, they did invest in us. They don’t really owe us nothing.”

Nevertheless, Marshall is still serving time at the George Motchan Detention Center, part of New York’s Riker’s Island compound, until a verdict is reached. Bobby Shmurda, who is also detained at the same facility, recently spoke to Hot 97 last week (Oct.23) from prison, where he urged kids in his neighborhood not to reenact the foul play displayed in his music.

“It’s okay to be in the club and reenact when we’re dancing and having fun,” he concluded. “That’s about it, don’t take it farther than the club. These people not playing with us right now. Young black kids, young kids period. They not playing with nothing right now. They trying to take eight years out my life right now.”