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  /  10.13.2015

Joe Budden stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning (Oct. 13), where he addressed and cleared up rumors and talked about his new album All Love Lost due this Friday (Oct. 16). Joe also opened up about his recent slow on Couple’s Therapy with ex-girlfriend Kaylin Garcia, revealing he felt as guilt for the deep rooted issues she holds due to their love affair on Love & Hip-Hop. Watch the full interview above.

On Hollow Da Don Getting Personal During Rap Battle:

That was an interesting battle. He didn’t get real personal. You can’t get personal with me.

Yee: “You can’t get more personal than Joe Budden gets with himself.”

Charlamage: “Isn’t that a little frustrating when they get in front of your face and say ‘you beat women?’”

No. That was for the camera.

On why he’s fake mad at Charlamagne:

Charlamagne went real hard man. Charlamagne went real hard when that whole Meek sh-t went down.

Charlamagne: I gave him Donkey of the Day.

No, but he went like extra, extra, extra, extra hard. […] You played the audio from the podcast, but it’s taken out of context if you’re not listening to the entire conversation. So that’s what happened, which happens a lot in media today. You just snatch a quick bite and that’s what it is. […] It was really bad.

On his music career and reality TV:

Never in my career, outside of my Def Jam days with Kevin Liles have I catered to a casual fan. They come and they go. They’re very fickle. I’m still here 14 years later because I do not operate that way. They’ll catch me when they catch me.

Envy: But you could be a bigger artist. It’s like you’re content with being regular Joe.

Charlamage: Joe don’t seem like he’s hurting. I guess it’s the reality TV thing.

I was late to the party of understanding the stigma that came with doing reality TV. […] Jim Jones was the first person on L&HH. I certainly didn’t look at Jim Jones like a starving or struggling artist artist. Then they had Basketball Wives. There were rumors of Fab and there was that whole thing. I certainly didn’t look as Fab as a struggling artist. Early on, the people that were associated with these shows were credible people and then I was on Season 3.

On his first season of L&HH:

The vest was really bad. I was high off my mind. I can’t even watch that. I was gone. That’s where the vest came from.

On ‘Couple’s Therapy’ with Kaylin Garcia:

To the people that are not casual fans. I’ve been very open about therapy damn near my entire career. That’s number 1. And while the check was a part of the reason I’m sure all of us went there–I care about Kaylin and Kaylin really had some deep rooted issues from our time on L&HH. And as a young girl, I carried guilt for that for a long time.

On allegedly beating women:

While we were filming the show I had a court date that I missed. I wasn’t even aware of for it—for some charges that are over a year old.

Charlamagne: That’s when they said you stole your ex’s phone.

Yea that. That whole thing. We’re certainly not going to talk about her. I missed my court date and they issued a warrant. Once you have a warrant, you can’t film that show. So I had to leave the show and come up here and deal with the warrant. So I came up here, I showed up to court and they dropped the warrant and then I flew back. Once I fly back, I’m walking into everyone reading these horrible allegations this girl spread out there.

On his new album:

I discuss everything on my new album. There’s a lot of content, a lot of storytelling, a lot of lyricism, a lot of conceptuality. It’s very graphic, it’s very in depth.

On proposing to Tahiry:

I knew she would say no when she did.

Charlamage: It was scripted?

Yes and no. That was an original thought—to propose. Just not at the time that it happened. But on reality TV, when you have a thought and they put it on the board you kind of have to go through with it. It doesn’t matter what’s happening in real time. So when I proposed Tahiry and I weren’t speaking. We were on very bad terms. We weren’t together. However, if you would’ve caught me 8-9 months prior to, it was a much different space that we were in.


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