Unless you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a large chance you’ve probably been racking your brains over which character to pick in the new “Jumpman” interactive game that’s pretty much taken over the Internet. To the rock residents click, here. The game, inspired by Drake and Future’s “Jumpman” single from WATTBA, is simplistic in fashion and ridiculously clever.

The player chooses a character (Drake, Future, or Metro Boomin) and literally jumps from bar to bar in order to collect points. The higher you get, the more points you recieve. Oh, and whenever you jump on a pair of pills—which immediately turn into codeine, by the way—the length of the jump increases.

In between repeatedly playing the game, REVOLT got a chance to catch up with the mastermind behind it all, 27-year-old Adam Weber-Lewsey. The Vancouver native gives the scoop on building the game, his current ventures, and what game(s) might be next. Check it out.

First off, what do you think about WATTBA?

Phenomenal product. It’s been on repeat since it dropped. Up there with Watch The Throne, for sure.

How did you come up with the concept for the game?

The song’s obviously stupid catchy. I stumbled across the 45-minute loop of the track and found it waaaaaay too funny. From there I somehow made the leap that it might make a cool little platformer type game.

Explain the process behind building the game. How long did it take?

I actually got started in digital 10 plus years ago through my site HypeGames.com, building and promoting different online browser games. That gave me the experience to be able to fix up the engine, create the graphics and clip the audio. It took like six hours altogether, plus a few little tweaks here and there.

What are your thoughts on the popularity and buzz behind the game?

I knew it had a little bit of trending potential, and I thought it was amazing when it made it to all the music blogs I frequent. Now it’s blown up even further and it’s awesome that tens of thousands of people are having fun with something I just assembled at home on the weekend.

What’s your high score in the game?


What’s the highest score anyone playing the game has ever received if you know?

I saw a few folks on Twitter with like 50,000 plus, that’s dedication!

Have you heard back from Drake or Future’s camp?

I haven’t, but it’s dope to think they could be players. The power of the Internet. I did see Metro Boomin favorited a tweet about it, and it’s been played a few times in Calabasas….safehouse nights?

Ha. I see what you did there. Who’s your artist of choice? Drake or Future? And Why?

Good music to me is all about authenticity and emotion, and Drake and Future both bring that to the table in too many different ways to pick a favorite.

Who are you when you play the game; Drake, Future, or Metro?

I use all three. Overall people have been choosing Drake the most though (60%). Future’s second (30%), and then I added young Metro a little late so he’s only at 10%.

Is there a distinction between the plays aside from actual character? Is Future quicker than the rest?

Nah, everybody equally killed the track so everybody plays the same.

Why isn’t Jordan a character? After all, he is the real Jumpman?

Jordan is the OG jumpman for sure, but he wasn’t with them shooting in the gym on this one!

What’s VTYO.com?

VTYO is a next level platform I’ve built for surfacing and sharing great music videos from rising stars who get lost on YouTube. Weekly top music charts are built automatically by our algorithm based on viewership data and social media activity for each video. Artists (directors, labels, etc) can sign up to submit their music videos to the network for free exposure, build out their profile, and interact directly with fans of their work. Fans can sign up to be a virtual A&R, discovering new artists through their videos, and creating a personally curated music video channel. It launched in it’s current form last March, and so far it’s seen tremendous market acceptance with over 5,000 music videos submitted, and 3,000 plus users signed up.

What’s next?

Just riding the “Jumpman” wave. Really excited about all the great ideas I have in the pipeline for VTYO, plus I’m looking forward to attending this year’s REVOLT Music Conference in a couple of weeks. Maybe a SWISH game when that drops?