Photo: Adrien Vargas // REVOLT
  /  08.31.2015

Nicki Side-Eyes Miley?: Fiction

Pretty sure by now you’ve heard of the Nicki Minaj vs. Miley Cyrus altercation that took place last night during the MTV VMAs. The real question is…was the incident staged? Although MTV insists they had no part in the drama, a series of events that took place during the main event have us pondering:

1. Um…So Nicki and Taylor are friends so soon after their Twitter feud and perform “Bad Blood” together on stage? Not to mention, Nicki posted a photo on her Instagram earlier today saying, “Love the conversations I have with this girl behind the scenes. So glad we got to perform together. = #Taylor” Seems like their Twitter fight could have been staged all for the purpose of gaining higher ratings, right?

2. What was that smile Nicki just so happened to flash after blasting Miley? It could indicate a number of things, and surely sends a number of mixed messages.

3. Miley continues to throw shade at Nicki as she introduces the Artist To Watch award. How did that happen to unwrap so seamlessly?—Sabina Palmieri

Kanye Gives Macklemore Kanye Face As Shade?: Fact

We all know Kanye has never been one to bite is tongue, and this face pretty much sums up how he felt about Macklemore’s “Downtown” performance. Caption this, bro…

“Really Dawg?”

“WTF are they wearing?”

“Did homeboy really come out with his shirt up open?”

“Whatever that dude singing is smoking I need some of that shit.”–Chris Roy

Will Justin Timberlake React?: Fact

While this year’s VMA show proved to be quite entertaining, viewers had no choice but to wonder what was real and what was fake. Even when Kanye, known for walking to the beat of his own drum, hit the stage for his Video Vanguard acceptance speech we were forced to ask ourselves the million dollar question: “Bruh, is this real right now?” In particular that blast he just swiveled in Justin Timberlake’s direction?

“[At the time] I just sat at the Grammys and saw Justin Timberlake and Cee Lo [Green] lose,” he started. “Justin I saw that man in tears, bro. And I said, he deserved to win Album of the Year.”

Script or no script, who does that!? Isn’t there a man rule about never putting another man’s business out there? Especially sensitive business? Something tells me MTV knows this unwritten code of conduct, and while Kanye probably does too…its Kanye. And Kanye does whatever he wants. So, was the VMA JT blast scripted? BRUH!!! Abso-bruh-ly NOT.

Note: I would’ve donated a pretty penny to have seen JT’s face at that very moment.—Kymmi Cee

Beiber Tiers?: Fiction

We’ve seen this from Chris Brown, Soulja Boy and now Justin Bieber. He’s had a lot of hardship, but he’s also set up score on his comeback like Ricky Rubio was thowing him a lob. Naw, bruh.—Jayson Rodriguez

Miley’s Cyrus Popped Out?: Fiction

The 2015 host is about as coy Kanye West with a microphone in his hand. We don’t believe you, you need more people. Miley was prolly planning that as soon as she signed on the dotted line for the gig.—JR


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