Jeezy Addresses 'Congregation' And Announces New LP, 'God' Single

  /  08.28.2015

On Monday afternoon (August 31), Jeezy bared his soul to the masses by way of an open letter. It’s isn’t often that the Snowman actually warms up enough for fans and supporters to learn anything of his day-to-day concerns. Still, seemingly out of nowhere, the rapper born Jay Jenkins released his new single “God” and then put his heart on paper speaking on everything from the reasons dope boys hustle to the recent epidemic of black people dying at the hands of police nationwide.

With the poverty level at an all time high, it’s damn near impossible for one to take care of him or herself without the possibility of prison or death. You have law enforcement officials gunning down unarmed black men. You have misinformed young men gunning down unarmed women, children and men in churches, movie theaters and public events. There’s a war going on, but you have to ask yourself, who is the enemy?

They ask why you black males are so militant? My answer to that would be because they are making us soldiers. Soldiers in a war on humanity. We have nothing to lose and everything to fight for. We are fighting for our people; we are fighting for our right to live.

We die to claim our streets and hoods when we don’t own as much as a mail box. That tells me one thing – If we all were on the same page and had the same cause, there is nothing in the world we can’t change or make happen.

Jeezy wrote about raising “sons and daughters to become Kings and Queens.” All of this comes barely a month after the rapper celebrated the 10th anniversary of his Thug Motivation 101 debut LP in Atlanta. Just days ago, Jeezy released a clip via social media where a black cat meandered past a rustic door. When the feline crossed the entry, a black cross formed on the surface of the door. Here, the “Gangsta Party” creator breaks down the creepiness factor.

You see the black cat is something we’ve always associated with bad luck and evil. My grandmother used to tell me don’t cross a black cats path because it was bad luck. However, she also told me that there was a tooth fairy who left me a dollar every time I lost a tooth. You know where I’m going with this…

The truth is if you see a cat walking as if it has a destination, it more than likely is following its own path.

The question is are you following yours?

And the crosses were used to symbolize warding off death and evil and the protection of what’s inside the doors – Our loved ones; our communities; our churches, our children and most of all our souls. So you might start seeing these crosses any and everywhere.

Dreams don’t expire – they just multiply and if your dreams don’t scare, then you ain’t dreaming BIG enough…

Then, before signing off as ‘Pastor Young,’ Jeezy was sure to include that the discussion will continue on Friday, November 13. Could it be a full album that we’re looking for from the Corporate Thug Entertainment capo? Hold your follow-up questions until then.


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