Since her 2006 debut LP Fur & Gold, UK artist Natasha Khan’s output as Bat For Lashes has offered a dramatic brew of live instrumentation and electronic tones with an undercurrent of nebulous mysticism.

Over three albums, Bat For Lashes material has been original and precise in composition and performance, and those are the grounds for departure with Khan’s new project: a cover band, rooted in the fluid spirit of improvisation. The project, titled Sexwitch, finds Khan joining forces with the band TOY and producer Dan Carey. The group first collaborated in 2013 on a cover of the Iranian folk song “The Bride,” and true to that spirit, Sexwitch’s eponymous debut album spans six covers of 1970s folk and psychedelic songs, each from different regions of the world.

The first single is titled “Helelyos,” another song originating in Iran, which Sexwitch presents in the form a soupy, circular funk, with modal melodies and the occasional English lyric. Here it is:

And since we should probably talk about that band name, here’s Khan explaining it to Pitchfork:

“It’s a bit tongue in cheek, we’re not trying to be super cool, but I think it’s memorable. There is something very magical and dark and feminine archetypal force about it. Also, when I was singing—and this sounds ridiculous—it did feel like I was channeling some sort of ancestral feelings about witches.”

Khan went on to say that the next Bat For Lashes album is finished, and she intends to release it Spring of 2016. Meanwhile, the memorably titled Sexwitch is out this September 25th via Echo/BMG.

Check out the tracklist below:

01. Ghoroobaa Ghashangan (Iran)

02. Ha Howa Ha Howa (Morocco)

03. Helelyos (Iran)

04. Kassidat El Hakka (Morocco)

05. War In Peace (U.S.A)

06. Lam Plearn Kiew Bao (Thailand)