Musicians referencing fine art in their lyrics is a fascinating intersection of two creative worlds. Raps about iconic painters and their work often serve multiple purposes -- they can signify wealth and sophistication, critique societal issues, or draw parallels between the struggles and triumphs of the artists and the rappers themselves. They can also be clever uses of wordplay for the sake of a rewind-worthy listen.

One of the most prominent examples is JAY-Z, whose track "Picasso Baby" was a testament to his love for art. The song boasted references to several legendary artists, all of which positioned Hov not just as a collector, but as an authentic connoisseur. His frequent mentions of art in his music and public life accentuate his journey from the projects to fine art’s elite circles.

Emcees like ASAP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar further illustrated the integration of the two creative mediums. Rocky's references to painters in his lyrics and style choices reflect his desire to be seen as a multi-talent who isn't confined to music alone. Lamar, in his song "Cut You Off (To Grow Closer)," contained a poignant mention of a certain work of art to get his point across.

Below are 13 examples of songs that touched on visual artists and their creations. These references signified a deeper connection and respect for the artistic process, whether it's through the lens of a painter or a lyricist.

1. Come Here – Talib Kweli

On Talib Kweli’s Prisoner of Conscious collaboration with Miguel, he rapped, “As valuable as ‘The Scream’ or a Salvador Dalí, she popular with the thieves and wanna be Thomas Crown.” “The Scream” is a painting that was created by late Norwegian artist Edvard Munch, while Dalí was a Spanish surrealist known for works like “The Persistence of Memory” and “The Ecumenical Council.” The final line added an additional touch – The Thomas Crown Affair was about an art heist.

2. The Introduction – T.I.

On this Trouble Man: Heavy Is The Head standout, T.I. kept his flexing simple and to the point with the line, “My art's so Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso.” Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian creative from his country’s High Renaissance period, while the Spanish-born and bred Picasso is, among other things, known for co-founding the Cubist movement. Regarding the song, the art flex fit perfectly next to other lyrics about jewelry, high-end seafood, and a King Kong-sized bankroll.

3. Étouffée – Vince Staples

Taken from the critically acclaimed Dark Times, “Étouffée” saw Vince Staples deliver the third-verse bar, “Findin' beauty in the darkness like Rembrandt.” Rembrandt was a Dutch painter known for his dramatic use of light and shadow -- so much so that there is a lighting style named after him.

4. Chun Swae – Nicki Minaj

For the Swae Lee-assisted “Chun Swae,” Nicki Minaj crudely remarked, “They delivered my Lambo, all white with a tan bow, my body's a work of art, he eatin' this Van Gogh,” The reference is pretty clear, as the Young Money star compared her physique to the talents of Vincent van Gogh, a Dutch painter known for post-impressionism pieces like “Sunflowers,” “Bedroom in Arles,” “The Starry Night,” and “Sorrowing Old Man.”

5. Audacity – Stormzy

On Stormzy’s sophomore LP, Heavy Is the Head, lay the Headie One-assisted “Audacity,” which closed with the lines, “When Banksy put the vest on me, felt like God was testin' me.” That lyric was in reference to the album’s artwork, which showed the South Londoner holding a custom vest created by the pseudonymous British artist Banksy. Stormzy would go on to wear the item – which prominently bears the Union Jack flag – during his headlining Glastonbury performance.

6. Cut You Off (To Grow Closer) – Kendrick Lamar

Before becoming the GOAT he’s known as today, Kendrick Lamar delivered a mixtape titled Overly Dedicated. On the cut “Cut You Off (To Grow Closer),” the Compton emcee stated, “I'm tryna feel the vibe of ‘Mona Lisa’ studying art, now paint that picture.” The “Mona Lisa,” a portrait of Lisa del Giocondo, was the work of Leonardo da Vinci and is one of the most valuable pieces of art in existence. Presumably, Lamar considers his music to be masterpieces deserving of recognition in their own right – a notion that many would probably agree with.

7. The Shining – Swollen Members

“Selling off my mental property, Glen Ross Glengarry, and I know it's around here somewhere on the property buried, but I'm plastered like a poster, OBEY, Shepard Fairey.” That lyrical sequence came courtesy of Prevail from Swollen Members for the song “The Shining,” and the last few words were in reference to the man behind the “Andre the Giant Has a Posse” street art campaign and the popular OBEY clothing line that spawned from it. Notably, Prevail mentioned another street artist – the elusive Banksy – in the very next bar.

8. Neon Guts – Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert’s “Neon Guts” is a collaboration with Pharrell Williams from the chart-topping Luv Is Rage 2. Toward the end of the track, the Philly rhymer said, “Yellow painting with a yellow brush, s**t came from KAWS, probably Marge,” which referred to artist and designer Brian “KAWS” Donnelly. Even if you’re not familiar with the name, you’re likely familiar with the work – Donnelly’s “Companion” figure and its many variants are ubiquitous within Hip Hop culture.

9. Going Bad – Drake

While “Going Bad” was Meek Mill’s single from Championships, it’s Drake’s line during the song’s bridge that landed it on this list. The Canadian star’s lyric, “Yeah, lot of Murakami in the hallway” is a boastful bar about his presumed collection of art from Takashi Murakami, a Japanese expert in painting, sculpting, and digital media. Fun fact: He designed the album covers for Kanye West's third studio album, Graduation, and West and Kid Cudi’s collaborative LP, KIDS SEE GHOSTS.

10. Street Knock – Swizz Beatz

Sometimes, a rap song will name-check a slew of artists in one succession. This was definitely the case for Swizz Beatz, who dropped the following lines on the ASAP Rocky-assisted “Street Knock”: “Basquiats on my wall, godd**n, I'm fly, Keith Harings and all that, Picassos and all that, Rembrandts you name it, b**ch I got all that.” Simply put, very few people are on Swizz’s level as an art collector.

11. Picasso Baby – JAY-Z

The title of JAY-Z's Magna Carta... Holy Grail single immediately let you know what to expect regarding its subject matter. Hov didn’t just rap about Spanish artist Pablo Picasso, either – the song contains lines about Mark Rothko, Jeff Koons, the “Mona Lisa,” and more. The accompanying clip was also a performance art exhibition featuring plenty of big names taking part in the Magna Carta campaign at that time. Taking things a step further, JAY-Z temporarily placed the album’s artwork next to the real Magna Carta in England.

12. Phoenix – ASAP Rocky

“Painting vivid pictures, call me Basquiat, Picasso,” rapped ASAP Rocky on the LONG.LIVE.A$AP standout “Phoenix.” The rapper/fashion maven is clearly a fan of Jean-Michel Basquiat, an American artist who rose to success as part of the Neo-expressionism movement, and Pablo Picasso, who found fame via works like “Les Demoiselles d'Avignon” and the anti-war painting “Guernica.”

13. Hard Piano – Pusha T

On the DAYTONA standout “Hard Piano,” Pusha T delivered a line about fine art in a way that only he can. “The Warhols on my wall paint a war story, had to find other ways to invest 'cause you rappers found every way to ruin Pateks,” he cleverly rapped on the Rick Ross-assisted effort. The subject in question, Andy Warhol, was a leading figure in the pop art movement, and his works – which includes his “Campbell's Soup Cans" piece – are without a doubt some the most important in art history.