The 1990s hold so much value as an era to us. As Hip Hop has always been a voice for the insignificantly treated, its look mattered just as much as the musical content, so of course iconic fashion trends were born out of this era. It was a trailblazing and unique time when the lack of opportunity could explode overnight to the highest heights of luxury, and all that mattered was being true to oneself. That style expression included many versatile looks that we’d love to see come back in style today including overalls, round tinted sunglasses, fanny packs, and even more trends we thought would never be desirable again! Yes, you read that right, and the timeless saying, what goes around comes around, comes to mind!

Let’s look at 13 1990s trends we want to bring back below!

1. Overalls

Overalls! A fashion trend both 9-year-olds and 30-year-olds alike felt comfortable wearing in the ‘90s. Versatile and easily adjustable, they could be styled laid back with one strap, or dressed up for a night on the town. Factor in the different fabrics they could be rendered in and it’s one trend we’re ready for right now!

2. Preppy Style

Alfonso Ribeiro aka Carlton Banks was the perfect example of preppy style in the ‘90s inspired by the prep school look. The trend consisted of polo and button-up shirts, ties, chinos, dress pants or shorts, sweaters, and dress shoes often in bright colors or plaid offerings. Sweaters could also be tied around the neck, and it was an aspirational way of dressing that helped many to think and dress beyond their environmental constraints. While it’s never gone truly out of style, (we see you Tyler, The Creator) we’d love to see it come back in full force!

3. Patchwork leather

Patchwork leather was another notable trend in the ‘90s that involved creating garments or accessories by sewing together pieces of leather or suede in various colors or textures, often in a patchwork pattern. Worn by a lot of Neo-soul singers like Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill, the combination of different leather patches added texture and visual interest to clothes and its prime for a comeback in an updated way!

4. Fanny packs

Yes, we said fanny packs! The ‘90s look emerged out of convenience and dismay for bags and morphed into a fashion trend. They came in a wide range of styles, materials, and sizes and, while some may cringe at the return of the trend, we think we’re ready to go hands-free again!

5. Coogi sweaters

Popularized by the late great Notorious B.I.G., the Australian brand Coogi sweater was a signifier of elegance and wealth in the’ 90s. The perfect example of aspirational living, the sweater became synonymous with Hip Hop and our culture, and we’d love to see it come back in a huge way!

6. Bandanas

Bandanas were a versatile accessory in ‘90s fashion that were worn in various styles and represented many different cultures. At first, as notifiable signifies of gang culture, especially in certain colors, they later became a style staple for Hip Hop artists and women alike. Able to be worn in a myriad of ways, we’d love to see the bandanna retake center stage!

7. One pants leg up

A signature of the ‘90s, wearing one pant leg up, specifically one jeans leg was just an indicator of cool. Notably styled by rappers like LL Cool J, it’s an easily identifiable and risk-friendly copyable look that we’d love to see make a comeback now!

8. Visors

Visors were a popular accessory in the ‘90s often associated with sporty and casual styles. They were worn by men and women backwards, upside down, and even sometimes made from clear or tinted plastic materials. With today’s emphasis on all things streetwear and nostalgia, the visor is clearly ready to be the go-to accessory again!

9. Mismatched sneakers

Mismatched sneakers were a huge trend in the late ‘90s and were in tandem with the trends of neon colors and color blocking. What better way to hit on all the colors of your outfits than with two completely different colored sneakers? It was also a way to flex and show your individual style and we're also ready for more personal expression!

10. Wearing clothes backwards

If there’s one trend we’d like to see come back from the 90s but with extreme caution, it’s wearing your clothes backwards! The trend was popularized by the rap group Kriss Kross and became their signature although others tried on the look for measure. With today’s total freedom and boldness of wardrobe choices, why not revisit this ‘90s look?

11. Beaded Braids

Beaded hairstyles were a major trend in the 1990s especially among African American communities. Stars like Alicia Keys were at the forefront of the trend, using the bold style to stand out as a newcomer in the music industry. Equally fashionable as it was identifiable, we’d love the hair trend to make a bold comeback now.

12. Round sunglasses

Another fashion staple of the ‘90s was the tinted round sunglasses trend. Often seen in various designs and materials, some were smaller with rounded lenses while others were in bold colors or patterns. Worn by actors and actresses, musicians, and B-Boys alike, the sunglasses are certainly prime for their return to the spotlight. Plus, you can’t beat the option of having an extra set of hypothetical eyes at your disposal.

13. Padded shoulders

Although padded shoulders were an overflow trend from the ‘80s they still managed to make a huge impact in the ‘90s. Think New Edition as a group, Bobby Brown solo, and even Eddie Murphy in Boomerang. The trend represented power dressing and even helped women to create a strong and authoritative silhouette. Of course, we wouldn’t mind seeing padded shoulders come back, but in a refined way y’all!