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Wendy’s manager fired after calling female coworker a “bitch” in viral video

Sophia Cargill has been reinstated at Wendy’s with backpay, though she’s not sure if she wants to return to work at the restaurant.

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The Wendy’s assistant manager who went viral for calling a female coworker a “bitch” has been fired, TMZ reports. In a video that gained traction over the weekend, Sophia Cargill, who is a general manager in training at a Wendy’s restaurant in Kalamazoo, Michigan; recorded an assistant manager named Michael yelling insults at her.

In the video of the situation, which unfolded nearly two weeks ago, Michael can be heard calling Cargill a “bitch” and saying she is “fucking lazy.” Upon hearing the insults, the woman tells Michael his career at Wendy’s will be coming to an end now that she’s recorded his verbal harassment.

On her GoFundMe page, Cargill claimed Michael verbally harassed her before and did not want her to become the general manager. The woman said Michael “made it hard” for her on multiple occasions while she was training.

“I endured multiple occasions that I reported to the general manager and nothing was done,” she wrote.

Still, after she reported him and the hostile work environment, Cargill was the one who got suspended without pay.

Almost two weeks later, Michael has now been fired from the fast-food restaurant and Cargill has been reinstated with backpay.

“We have no tolerance for harassment in the workplace,” a Wendy's spokesperson told TMZ. “Upon learning of this situation, we acted immediately following our protocols and suspended those involved to run a thorough investigation.”

However, Cargill is unsure if she will return to work at Wendy’s after being “traumatized” by the harassment.

“I’m unsure if I want to return to Wendy’s… because this problem is systemic,” she wrote on her GoFundMe page, which has currently raised over $12,000. Cargill added that she’ll be hiring a lawyer and prioritizing her mental health while she looks for another job.

See Cargill’s video of the harassment she endured below.

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