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Ben Crump says Kim Potter saw Daunte Wright as “expendable”

“This was no accident. This was an intentional, deliberate and unlawful use of force,” he said.

Ben Crump and Kim Potter Left: Getty Images Right: Hennepin County Jail

Ben Crump, the civil rights attorney who is representing the family of 20-year-old Daunte Wright, says the officer who fatally shot the young man saw him as “expendable.”

After news surfaced that former Brooklyn Center Officer Kim Potter would be charged with second-degree manslaughter for the shooting, Crump issued a statement regarding the district attorney’s decision. “While we appreciate that the district attorney is pursuing justice for Daunte, no conviction can give the Wright family their loved one back,” he said. “This was no accident. This was an intentional, deliberate and unlawful use of force. Driving while Black continues to result in a death sentence.”

Potter, who has since resigned from the department, said she accidentally used her firearm instead of her taser to shoot Wright. However, his family and attorneys do not believe her excuse.

“A 26-year veteran of the force knows the difference between a taser and a firearm,” Crump added. “Kim Potter executed Daunte for what amounts to no more than a minor traffic infraction and a misdemeanor warrant. Daunte’s life, like George Floyd’s life, like Eric Garner’s, like Breonna Taylor’s, like David Smith’s meant something. But Kim Potter saw him as expendable. It’s past time for meaningful change in our country.”

“We will keep fighting for justice for Daunte, for his family and for all marginalized people of color. And we will not stop until there is meaningful policing and justice reform and until we reach our goal of true equality,” Crump concluded.

Potter, who previously served as president of the police union for her department, has been arrested and booked at the Hennepin County Jail. She is currently being held without bail. If convicted of this charge, Potter could face a sentence of up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of up to $20,000, reports CNN.

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