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Twitter remembers Oscar Grant following fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright

A Brooklyn Center, Minnesota police chief said the officer accidentally used her gun instead of a taser to kill Wright — a similar excuse used for the death of Grant.

Daunte Wright and Oscar Grant Family photos

Twitter users are comparing Sunday’s (April 11) fatal police shooting of Daunte Wright to that of Oscar Grant’s after a Brooklyn Center, Minnesota police chief said the officer accidentally used her gun instead of a taser.

Grant was fatally shot in 2009 by BART Officer Johannes Mehserle. The officer claimed he accidentally used his firearm instead of his taser when he shot the 22-year-old Black man in the back as he was handcuffed. Mehserle was later charged with murder, but was convicted of a lesser charge of involuntary manslaughter. In 2010, he was sentenced to two years in prison, but was released after only serving 11 months.

During a press conference on Monday (April 12), Brooklyn Center Police Chief Tim Gannon said the officer who fatally shot Wright, a 20-year-old Black man, accidentally used her gun instead of her taser — an excuse that was eerily similar to that of Mehserle’s. People on social media were quick to point out the similarities.

Twitter user @js_edit wrote, “If the ‘I accidentally used my gun instead of my taser’ defense sounds familiar, it’s because that’s the excuse Johannes Mehserle made for shooting Oscar Grant at Fruitvale Station in Oakland.”

“It was a bullshit excuse for Oscar Grant’s murder, it’s a bullshit excuse now,” tweeted @big_buttlefish. “A taser weighs like a third of a loaded glock 19 and feels completely different, if you can’t tell by feel the instant your hand touches the gun, then you have no business carrying.”

Film director B. Dolan tweeted, “In 2012, I wrote ‘#FilmThePolice’ because Oscar Grant had just been killed and people catching it on cellphones sparked a national protest. 10 years later, I don’t even want to perform that song anymore because filming cops and body cam laws has not changed a single fucking thing.”

“Nope. We heard this tired excuse when Oscar Grant was killed over 10 yrs ago,” tweeted @TheWayWithAnoa. “If you are mistaking a gun for a taser maybe you shouldn’t be allowed to use either. Isn’t that part of the training?”

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