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Former NYPD cop slams today’s police: “You want to be ‘Call of Duty’ ...Cut the bullshit”

“Those bad cops that are making you — they’re the ones that are messing your occupation up,” he said.

Former NYPD officer Instagram // @balleralert

A former New York police officer is speaking out after witnessing all of the unrest between the cops and the communities across the city. The unnamed man posted a video of himself comparing how the police force was while he was active duty versus how it is now.

“As a former New York City police officer — who served, worked in many neighborhoods that were ten times worse than what is going on right now — I had a sick shooter, didn't even have a bulletproof vest,” he said. “I worked in Harlem, the South Bronx and I never shot one person, not one person. In fact, I never even shot my gun.”

The former cop then goes on to say that the current officers want to act like they're in the military.

“The problem with the police today, is they wanna be ‘Call Of Duty.’ They don't wanna be police officers, they wanna be military men running around with these mags and bulletproof vests and combat boots and all this shit that they're wearing. I don't know why they're wearing all that shit cause that city is clean. I mean, that city is nothing compared to what I was working.”

He also shared a message to the current police officers who are getting a bad reputation because of the bad cops who are still on the force. The former NYPD cop told the officers to get rid of them.

“Please guys, cut the bullshit out. Just behave and get rid of the motherfuckers who are making your lives miserable. Those bad cops that are making you — they're the ones that are messing your occupation up. It's not the Black guy, it’s the bad cops who are out there messing around and fucking with people,” he concluded.

Check out his video below.

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Former police officer speaks out... thoughts?

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